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Association Belge Des Acupuncteurs Diplomés de Chine (Abadic) Print E-mail

Belgian Association of Acupuncturists graduates of China
Boulevard Brand Whitlock 155
1200 Brussels

T +32 2 242 11 17

Raphael Piotto (Director Member of the Executive Commitee)

T +32 475 38 18 02

ETCMA Representative

Raphael Piotto


Membership information
Founding date of organisation February 2001
Members 80 members + 1 honorary
Member categories
-Executive: participating member for the activities of the Professional Union
-Honorary: members who have participated at the decisions of the Professional Union Commitee- but presently not active anymore.
Membership fee

400€ (insurance included)

Basic training required -Nurse A1 – Physiotherapist – Doctor – Osteopath University graduates
-MTC basic theory = more than 1500 hours spread over 3 years + possibility of a 4th year for improvements allowing to take part at the D.A exam.*
-Two weeks of internship in Chinese hospitals/year (advised)

*D.A. = "The International Qualification Examination of Acupuncture-Moxibustion sponsored by the Qualification Examination Department of the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies (QED of WFAS)"
Required continuing education 18h/year :
- as workshops, conferences, symposia, seminars, …. in Belgium or abroad, and recognized by the Association (The Association only having the right to give recognition)
Requirements for continuing membership A regular ongoing training of minimum 18h/year
Becoming a member

Provide a degree in
- Nurse A1 or Physiotherapist, Doctor, Osteopath University graduates
- Acupuncturist from an established school, Diploma D.A. (see above) or providing at the Committee of the Professional Union the proof of an degree equal to the DA, i.e. 1.450 hours of learning.

Legal situation in Belgium

To this day, the legal framework of Acupuncture in Belgium is being discussed at the Ministry of Health : officially, Acupuncture is not yet recognized.
Currently: the law about Professional Associations recognized by the Council of State since the 14th of September 1998; the law from the 10th of February 2003: Royal Decree giving recognition to Professionals practicing a non-conventional therapy or similar (Acupuncture – Osteopathy – Homeopathy – Chiropractic).
During the parliamentary debates, the Government showed its clear desire to initiate an investigation at the European level to situate Acupuncture at this level; but this investigation could not take place due to a lack of financial means.

Insurance reimbursement

The reimbursements fromInsurance Companies are generally 10 €, and may vary from 5 to 12 visits / year for all non-conventional therapies (Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic)

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