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We aim to promote and develop high standards of education across Europe so that all agencies involved in healthcare, including those responsible


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We aim to strengthen international academic exchange and assist academic collaboration with European colleges and universities.


Raising recognition of TCM

We hold a wealth of experience that we share for the benefit of every member. From informal meet ups to newsletters, special events and forum discussions.


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We lobby for the common interests of our members by getting a voice on relevant EU committees and forums concerned with complementary therapies.

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Gui Zhi Tang (GZT) is one of the most popular formulas found in many TCM practitioner’s clinics.  In fact, if you could only stock 10 classical formulas, this would be a #1 choice.   It has often been thought to be the major leader of all other formulas.  In Chinese medical school, GZT is presented first and taught in the study of the Shang Han Lun (SHL) from two different applications – narrow and broad.  If you understand the design of this formula, then you will then understand the construction of all other formulas within the parameter of the 6 levels: Tai Yang, Shao Yang, Yang Ming, Tai Yin, Jue Yin, and Shao Yin.

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