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We aim to promote and develop high standards of education across Europe so that all agencies involved in healthcare, including those responsible


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We aim to strengthen international academic exchange and assist academic collaboration with European colleges and universities.


Raising recognition of TCM

We hold a wealth of experience that we share for the benefit of every member. From informal meet ups to newsletters, special events and forum discussions.


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We lobby for the common interests of our members by getting a voice on relevant EU committees and forums concerned with complementary therapies.

Latest News

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As you might have heard, the situation in Spain is particularly critical. We risk a complete ban of all CAM in that country, including acupuncture, even for health professionals.

Let us react as a European community to prevent heavy consequences in Spain and other EU countries.

ETCMA’s EC  has decided to support a private practitioner’s petition on WECHANGE.org as illustrated below, but we cannot do anything without you.

It’s urgent. The impact depends not only on how many people sign it but also on the time in which signatures are collected.

Please ask your members to sign this petition immediately and to spread it among their contacts. Let’s make it viral.

Other initiatives may follow but let’s start with this one.

I’m grateful for your support

Head of the ETCMA Advocay Committee

Giulia Boschi

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