Education & Information

We aim to promote and develop high standards of education across Europe so that all agencies involved in healthcare, including those responsible


Promoting research

We aim to strengthen international academic exchange and assist academic collaboration with European colleges and universities.


Raising recognition of TCM

We hold a wealth of experience that we share for the benefit of every member. From informal meet ups to newsletters, special events and forum discussions.


Lobby within the EU

We lobby for the common interests of our members by getting a voice on relevant EU committees and forums concerned with complementary therapies.

Latest News

In April 2017, the Swedish government appointed a special investigator to explore several issues concerning “care and treatment other than that conducted in the established care”. The inquiry was titled The CAM Inquiry, CAM being the abbreviation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. In July 2018, the inquiry received an additional task to review the paragraph of the Patient Safety Act that concerns treatment by non-licensed therapists (formerly “the quackery law”) (a law which have not existed in Sweden since 1969 SATCMs  comment.) and the accompanying penal provisions.

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