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We aim to promote and develop high standards of education across Europe so that all agencies involved in healthcare, including those responsible


Promoting research

We aim to strengthen international academic exchange and assist academic collaboration with European colleges and universities.


Raising recognition of TCM

We hold a wealth of experience that we share for the benefit of every member. From informal meet ups to newsletters, special events and forum discussions.


Lobby within the EU

We lobby for the common interests of our members by getting a voice on relevant EU committees and forums concerned with complementary therapies.

Latest News

Launching the Complementary Therapy awards 2022 

Calling all complementary therapists! We invite you to share with your community your challenges, successes and  innovations. You have until 15 November 2021 to enter the second Complementary Therapy awards, being presented as  part of the Integrative Health Convention on 11 February next year. After a challenging eighteen months, this is the  moment to recognise and celebrate your achievements.  

The four categories are: 

  • Wellbeing: share how you have used your skills as a therapist to bring comfort, health or relaxation to your  community. We want to hear how your innovation and creativity have enabled you to continue to support your  clients’ needs despite many barriers and restrictions. 
  • Palliative care: looking for examples of how therapies improved quality of life, sleep and pain management for those  receiving palliative and end of life care. We are looking for outstanding examples of how therapists have made a  difference to people and their families during the pandemic. 
  • Mental health: highlighting the work of practitioners working with people with mental health problems; tell us how  you have continued to help those suffering from anxiety, mild depression, loneliness, burn-out or work-related  stress. 
  • Pain management: sharing how people have been helped with improving pain perception and pain management,  perhaps where orthodox medicine has run its course. 


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