ÖAGTCM (Austrian Educational Society for Traditional Chinese Medicine)

ÖAGTCM (Österreichische Ausbildungsgesellschaft für Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin)

ÖAGTCM (Austrian Educational Society for Traditional Chinese Medicine)


Address: ÖAGTCM Waidern 42,

4521 Schiedlberg, Austria

Phone: +43 725 22235 14

E-mail: info@oeagtcm.at


Website www.oeagtcm.at



Florian Ploberger, MD, B. Ac., MA

E-mail: mail@florianploberger.com


ETCMA representative 

Florian Ploberger; MD, B. Ac., MA



The ÖAGTCM was founded by a team of physicians in December 2004, in order to offer an optimal TCM training programme to their medical colleagues in Upper Austria.

If it was initially acupuncture which successfully established itself in the West, today it is much more phytotherapy with Chinese medicinal herbs, as well as the Chinese dietetics which occupy a position of central interest.

The following aims, amongst others, are laid down in the statutes of the ÖAGTCM:

  • Further education and training of physicians in TCM through organizing events on theory and practice of international standards.
  • Invitations of internationally renowned speakers to talk about the following specific areas of expertise, e.g: Western herbs in TCM, Haematology, Oncology, Special tongue-and pulse-based diagnostic methods, Classic works of TCM, such as Shang Han Lun, Wen Bing and much more
  • International cooperation and collaboration
  • Representation of professional interests politically
  • Marketing and public relations
  • The development of quality assurances measures and guidelines
  • Publications

There is a close cooperation between the ÖAGTCM, the BACOPA Medical Society and the BACOPA Educational Centre in Upper Austria. We take great care to ensure that our collaboration with the various Austrian TCM Training Institutes is of the best. As a result of this accredited hours of study on your part at other certified societies will count with us towards the final sum of your study hours.

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