Österreichische Gesellschaft für Kontrollierte Akupunktur und TCM

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Kontrollierte Akupunktur und TCM


In Austria acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine is generally in the hand of physicians.

The law says that you have to have the right to "assault a patients body", just as you do when giving an injection or taking blood or giving an Infusion, that you are allowed to insert a needle (means acupuncturing).

Therefore there are only two Job profiles allowed to use acupuncture:
-physicians that have a "jus practicandi"-means have permission to work on their own-they then are allowed to treat any indication with acupuncture
-midwifes: are allowed to use acupuncture -only for pregnancy and obstetrical indications!

Chinese herbal medicine is regulated similarily-chineses prescriptions to pharmacies that cook decoctions or do granules, need to asure, the prescription is by an physician with the right to prescribe any kind of medicine -so it doesn´t matter wether one wants to prescribe western or chinese medicine, you need to have a prescribing permission (=physicians)

Interestingly as soon as you are a physician with permission to practise (jus practicandi), you are allowed to use acupuncture or herbal medicine, you don´t have to prove finished education in TCM. The only thing is, that if you can´t prove graduation of acupuncture education and are not listed at the Austrian medical association as educated acupuncturist, your patients will not get any Money refunded from the insurances.

In Austria all physicians have to prove 250 hours of advanced Training every 5 years to get their diploma of retraining which you must have.

The further education and Special Trainings the OGKA offers are listed as valid for this diploma, so our members use our skill enhancement in acupuncture and TCM for getting their retraining diploma of the Austrian Medical Association

In Austria doctors who offer CM (herbs) or acupuncture have their own private office. Patients have to pay their fees and if the acupuncturist is listed as a trained acupuncturist (at the medical association) they get some money back (9-25 Euro per session) from their health insurance. But only if they are treated for one of the 25 indications where acupuncture treatment is recommanded (mostly pain issues)


Total number of members in each category:

628 Category A 399 Category B 278 Category C

Category A: Standard category 
Category B: resident physicians, doctors-in-Training, retired physicians
Category C: students, unemployed doctors, physicians in maternity leave, PDs without income



Glacisstraße 7, Graz
8010 Austria
Telephone +43 (0)316 374050

E-mail office@ogka.at


ETCMA representative 

Dr. Olivia Krammer-Pojer
Commissioner of resarch&youth within the OGKA
E-mail: office@tcmordination.at


Link to our congress pagewww.tcmkongress.at

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