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Belgian Acupunctors Federation 
Kerkebeekstraat 36
8490 Varsenare
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Membership information

Founding date of organisation




Member categories

-Full members: licensed acupuncturist

-Prospective members: acupuncture students

-Honorary member: acupuncturist who are retired

Membership fee

Full member: €470 (insurance included) Prospective member: free

Basic training required

  1. Occupation: Training that leads to one of the occupations mentioned in KB 78 Sec 1. Concretely, this meant that it should be doctor, physiotherapist, nurse or midwife A1. This training is required to ensure the requisite knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology. It will also guarantee a therapeutic attitude. - The actual acupuncture training:   * A study load of at least 1500 hours, equivalent to 500 contact hours of 60 minutes (or 600 contact hours of 50 minutes), which preferably 1/3 spent on practice and practical training within the program.   * 10 Internship reports    * deliver a thesis and successfully defend orally.
  2. Training: see A. - Registered in a BAF-known acupuncture training. 

Required continuing education

Participation of continuing education of 12h/year.

Requirements for continuing membership

Paying of membership fee.

Becoming a member


Legal situation in Belgium


At the moment we are busy with the registration law for acupuncture.


Insurance reimbursement

Some insurances and mutualities are paying an intervention of 10€ because BAF- members are recognised. 


Belgian Acupunctors Federation

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