Danske Akupunktører

Danish Acupuncture Association


T +45 50 88 83 00

mail: info@akuzomas.dk



ETCMA Representative:

Mustafa Ceran





Members : 388

Member categories

  • A-members: practitioners who are approved by the Danish Health Authorities (RAB-approval)
  • SA-members: Practitioners who have approval like the A-members, but who have additional health education i.e. nurse, physiotherapist ect.
  • B-members: practitioners who are not approved (RAB) but are working towards approval.

You can only be a B-member for a 4 yr period.

  • Student members
  • Passive members

Membership fees

  • A, SA and B members: 400€ (3000 d.kr)
  • Passive: 80 € (600 d.kr)
  • Student members: free

Required continuing education:

  • 52 hrs over a 3 yr period including 3 hrs first aid.

Requirements for continuing membership:

  • Payment of annual membership fee
  • 52 hrs continued education

Becoming a member - by filling out application form with personal and educational information at www.rab.dk.

Insurance imbursement - There is no imbursement from the Danish Social Security system, but most private health insurances cover acupuncture partly or fully.

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