Praktiserende Akupunktører (PA)

Association of Acupuncture Practitioners 

Hedelyngen 111

+45 70 25 25 09

Contact Henrik Reinholdt (chairperson)

ETCMA Representative Maiken Kjeldsen



Membership information


Member categories
A: Active members
B: Retired, part-time practitioners
C: Emloyed in foreign clinic
D: Non-practising members for a limited time of minimum half a year and up to 2 years.
S: Non-practising retired members, who want to retain their superannuation scheme in PA up until this ends, at age 70
E: Students from schools accredited by PA

Membership fee
A: €640 / 4800 DKr (including insurance and other taxes)
B: €320 / 2400 DKr (including insurance and other taxes)
C: €320 / 2400 Dkr
D: €160 / 1200 DKr S: €80 / 600 DKr
E: No membership fee

Required continuing education
48 hours every 3 years + first aid every 3 years

Requirements for continuing membership
48 hours continuing education every 3 years + first aid every 3 years

Becoming a member
See website
Association of Acupuncture Practitioners

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