Suomen perinteisen kiinalaisen lääketiteteen yhdistys r.y (FinnAcu)

Finnish Traditional Chinese Medicine Society of Acupuncture and Herbs

Mikael Ikivesi (chairperson)
ETCMA Representative: Mrs Taina Alakulppi


Members, March 2015: 120

Member categories

  • Students (students of TCM) 
  • Regular members (practitioners of TCM) 
  • Members of therapist register (joined FinnAcu's therapist register through exam)
  • Passive members (organisations/companies)

Membership fees

  • Students: €45 
  • Registered therapists: €75
  • Supporting and retired members: €25 
  • Supporting organization members: €100

Required continuing education

  • One weekend (min 3 days) seminar in two years for registered practitioners

Requirements for continuing membership

  • Payment of annual membership fee 
  • For registered therapists (min 3 days) seminar in two years

Becoming a member - By sending an application form with personal, educational and/or professional (TCM) information. Applications must be approved by the board. Download application form from (in Finnish only)


Regulation  - There is no law concerning TCM practitioners in Finland. Anyone who has an adequate training can use acupuncture, moxa, cupping, herbal therapy or other TCM modalities. The total number of practitioners is unknown.

Legal status - The Finnish Social and Health Ministry is in a process of creating a law for all alternative medicine practitioners in Finland. At 2008 three major Finnish TCM Associations formed and registered an umbrella organisation called Suomen kiinalaisen lääketieteen liitto ry. (SKILL) (Finnish Chinese Medicine Union).   

Insurance reimbursement  - National insurance covers part of the acupuncture treatment done by medical doctors and physiotherapists. Treatments carried out by non-medical acupuncturists are not covered. Some private insurances occasionally cover treatments done by non-medical acupuncturists.

Links TCM schools in Finland:



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