Confédération française de Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise (C.F.M.T.C.)

French Confederation of TCM
142 Bvd Masséna
boîte 1031
75013 PARIS
T +33 950 30 48 70
F +33 493 82 31 39

Contact Yves GIARMON (co-President)
T +33 6 07 52 90 12

ETCMA Representative Yves GIARMON


Membership information

Founding date of organisation

June 2002


3 professionnal organizations (FNMTC, SIATTEC, UFPMTC)
1020 practitioners
3500 students and graduates in TCM

Member categories

Professionnal organizations : the Confederation is a union of 3 french professionnal organizations, FNMTC (ETCMA member for France since 2006), SIATTEC and UFPMTC

Practitioners of TCM, who belong to one or another of the above mentioned professionnal organizations. 

Students and graduates in TCM, who belong to one or another of the above mentioned professionnal organizations.

Membership fee

- P.O.: free
- practitioners: 260€
- students: 30 €
- graduates in TCM: 90€

Basic training required

2'559 hrs 1'437 hrs included within the time of TCM theory 400 hrs as a minimum

Required continuing education

Annual Congress 100 hrs continuing professionnal development each 5 years

Requirements for continuing membership

For practitioners : -Annual fee paid -Social and fiscal fees declared -Professional insurance paid For students and graduates non practitioners : annual fee paid

Becoming a member

• Professionnal organization : agreement with all the work already by CFMTC and will to participate to the future part of it.

• Practitioners, students and graduates non practitioners : belonging to one or another PO For Practitioner membership: -being graduate of our DNMTC, possible equivalence with other diplomas -annual fee paid -social and fiscal fees declared -professional insurance paid -signed undertaking to abide by our code of ethics -use of equipment corresponding to European safety standards -undertaking to inform the professionnal organization of any change in professional status

Legal situation in France

In France, only medical doctors can legally make diagnosis and use acupuncture, but there is a tolerance of TCM practitioners who are not MDs.

Insurance reimbursement

Some private insurance companies in the health field reimburse parts of TCM.


French Confederation of TCM

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