Israeli Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Israeli Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine (I.A.T.C.M.) 
P.O. box 379
Zichron Yaakov 30952

T +972 54 6310070 F +972 4 9541031

Chairman: Noam Ezra

ETCMA Representative: Yair Maimon 


Membership information

Members: 450

Member Categories:

  • Full members: certified practitioners of Chinese Medicine
  • Student members: students of TCM

Membership fees:

  • Members: 250 NIS (€45) per year
  • Students: 100 NIS (€20) one time registration fee until graduation

Required continuing education: None

Requirements for continuing membership: First aid certificate, valid malpractice insurance

Becoming a member: Applicants must fill out an application form including proof of graduation from a certified college and valid malpractice insurance.

Legal situation in Israel: Legislation of Acupuncture is "on the table" in parliament. The upcoming law requires all future courses in Acupuncture to be recognized as an academic bachelor's degree. Today there are approximately 1500 active practitioners in Israel, of them about 300 are medical doctors.

All treatments are privately funded. All major hospitals and health organizations have private out- patient clinics for Alternative Medicine, partially subsidized for their members. Private health insurance programs offer partial reimbursement for private treatments as well.


Israeli Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine

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