O.T.T.O. Operatori Tuina-Qigong e Tecniche Orientali

Full name of the organisation


Operatori Tuina-Qigong e tecniche orientali [tuina-qigong and oriental techniques practitioners]



Office address

Via Bernardino Bolasco n.136 Roma Italy



Website address http://www.


Name of representative to ETCMA and position

Giulia Boschi honorary president

Email address of representative to ETCMA


Founding date of organisation

11th December 2003

Total number of members in each category

52 of which 11 qigong teachers (qigong professionals), 3 both tuina professionals and qigong teachers, 38 tuina professionals

Membership categories

Tuina professionals, Qigong teachers

Training required:


(curricula might include different proportion among subjects according to the school in which applicants have graduated.)

  • For qigong teachers: 450 hours of qigong theory and practice (corresponding to 900 hours of self study), 250 hours of training total of 1600 hours. Compulsory admission exam (dissertation and practical demonstration) with the qigong committee of scientific board.
  • For Tuina professionals: 450 hours of TCM (corresponding to 900 hours of self study) and 250 hours of clinical practice. total of 1600 hours. Tuina admission committee might require integration of training for missing hours or subjects. An admission exam is normally requested If the school at which the applicant has graduated is not known by the tuina committee (es. Schools abroad or new schools).

These standards are currently being revised.

Membership fees for each category

60 euros for old members and 80 for new members for the first year

Required continuing professional development/education

30 hours/year

How to become a member


Curricula studiorum must be sent to the relative committee for admission (either tuina or qigong). The Committee evaluates curricula, might request integration of supplementary hours of study and/or subjects and might ask the applicant   to pass an admission exam (that is always compulsory for qigong professionals).

Abiding by the present Italian law, all members that are not medical professionals have to subscribe a Code of conduct by which they limit themselves to the “non therapeutical” use of tuina and qigong (not addressing to diseases but to quality of life).

We ask moreover to accept our code of Conduct which includes principles of behaviour among colleagues and between practitioner and patient etc. and even some ‘cultural principles’ about the approach to Chinese medicine and to knowledge in general that we ask to share.




Only MD can practice acupuncture and prescribe herbs. According to new law 4/2013 about reordering of professions, a mild recognition might be given to non MD MTC practitioners dealing with wellness (therapy remains confined to medical professionals).

No reimbursement for TCM






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