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Member categories
classical acupuncture -ear-acupuncture -other categories of naturopathic health professions are Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Biopathy, Craniosacral therapy, Heilpraktik, Homeopathy, Ki-therapy, Kinesiology, Lymphatic drainage, Manual therapy, Massage, Nutritional therapy, Phytotherapy, Polarity, Reflexology, Rosen therapy and Zone therapy.

Membership fee
Full membership: 3150 NOK per year including insurance
Student membership: 1000 NOK per year including insurance
Full membership involves being certified as an active therapist and includes the possibility of registration in the State Registry of Alternative Medicine at Brønnøysund, insurance, the usage of NNH name and logo and the right of attendance and voting at the general assembly of NNH.

Basic training required
Requirements for full membership in classical acupuncture are a minimum of 600 hours of TCM, 300 hours of basic Western medicine and 160 hours of science, ethics, communications and social sciences. This constitutes four years of part-time studies under a 50 % study progression.
There are schools approved by NNH which operate with a higher amount of hours in basic training in TCM. Specialist training is additionally 2 years and a minimum of 300 hours.
Also here there are schools approved by NNH who offer specialist training with a higher amount of hours. The hours are counted as teacher attended lectures. Additionally the self study factor is counted as a recommended 1.1. Some schools approved by NNH operate with a higher self-study factor than 1.1.
Authorized health personnel are entitled to apply for waiver of the requirements in Western medicine. Persons with academic degrees in the social sciences can apply for waiver of the requirements in social sciences.
Requirements for full membership in ear-acupuncture are 350 hours of TCM, with the rest of the requirements identical to those of the category of classical acupuncture.

Required continuing education
Continued professional development is recommended to the degree of constituting an obligation as stated in the ethics of membership, but are as of yet not drawn up as requirements due to the difficulty of controlling its implementation.

Requirements for continuing membership
The ratio between theory and practise should be such that theory is not less than 50% of total teaching hours and practise not less than 20% of total teaching hours. Guided clinical case-studies are a minimum of 20 cases.

Becoming a member
Application form is available on our website. Applications are forwarded to the office of NNH where the secretary general checks the authenticity of copies of enclosures. If there are professional questions in regard to the application, the subject committee could be asked to forward an evaluation. Thereafter the application is forwarded to the approving committee which consists of three members who are independent of affiliation to any of the schools. All three members must concur for the application to be approved. If one member of the committee is not in concurrence with the others the application is rejected. Appeals can be addressed to the central committee or in the last instance to the general assembly.

Legal situation in Norway
There are at present no restrictions towards practising needle insertion therapy in Norway. The Law of Alternative Treatment of Disease of 2003 §5 however requires attention to serious health risks I regard to therapeutic modalities performed by unauthorized health professionals. Therapeutic modalities such as acupotomology, warming needles and intramuscular stimulation fall into this category of caution. Kvakksalverloven av 1936 (The Law of Quackery of 1936) was replaced by Lov av 27. juni 2003 nr. 64 om Alternativ Behandling av Sykdom m.v. (The Law of June 27th 2003 nr. 64 on Alternative Treatment of Disease) and was implemented on January 1st 2004. Some time lapsed before voluntary registration in the State Registry at Brønnøysund was formalized. Homeopathforbundet (The Norwegian Association of Homeopaths) were the first to register in the State Registry in 2005. The State Registry was open to therapist members of NNH in July of 2006. According to a survey performed by NNH in 2006 there are a total of 1848 member therapists practising acupuncture in Norway as of that date. Norsk Akupunkturforening (NAFO), reads Norwegian Association of Acupuncture, count 541 practising members. Norsk Forening Medisinsk Akupunktur (NFMA), reads Norwegian Association of Medical Acupuncture, count 187 practising members. Norske Naturterapeuters Hovedorganisasjon (NNH), reads Norwegian Association of Natural Medicine, comprise 103 practising members of classical acupuncture and 132 practising members of ear-acupuncture. Norges Landsforbund av Homøopraktikere (NLH), reads Norwegian Association of Homoeopractitioners count 218 members in acupuncture, the majority of which are unauthorized health professionals and the number include micro-systems such as ear-acupuncture and Acupuncture 2000, the latter a practise of short educational duration. Norske Fysioterapeuters Forbund (NNF), reads Norwegian Association of Physiotherapists, serve authorized health professionals in physical therapy and count 162 practising members. Den Norske Lægeforening (DNL), reads Norwegian Association of Medical Doctors, holds 300 individuals who practise acupuncture. Sykepleiernes Faggruppe for Alternativ Behandling (SFA), reads Norwegian Nurses Group of Alternative Medicine, holds 30 members of registered nurses who practise acupuncture. Den Norske Jordmorforening (DNJ), reads Norwegian Association of Midwives, count 175 members who practise acupuncture. Invariably health professionals organized as acupuncturists have crossover membership in two or more associations. So although the total number of organized acupuncturists count 1848 memberships, an estimate of between 900-1300 persons who are authorized health professionals practise acupuncture in Norway today, while additionally 400-600 persons practising acupuncture are unauthorized health professionals. The tendency among students in current schools today point towards an increasing number of students, possibly a majority, being unauthorized health professionals. The number of acupuncturists not organized is not known and difficult to estimate. One reckons the number is rather limited, as Norwegian culture highly favours organization as a standard form of voluntary non-governmental cooperation among individuals.

Insurance reimbursement
There is no reimbursement from the National Health Insurance Office in Norway today. However there is the possibility of tax reduction for expenditure in complementary and alternative medicine on the annual income tax report. Private health insurance can cover expenditure in complementary and alternative medicine, with acupuncture being a treatment modality which most easily gives this benefit.

(therapist member Jaigi Enar Tidemand, Naturterapeut MNNH)

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