Polskie Towarzystwo Tradycyjnej Medycyny ChiDskiej (PTTMC)

Polish Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine 
Ul. Szlak 14/12
31-161 Krakow
T +48 126 338 160 T +48 502 090 301
F +48 126 338 160

Izabela Mietka (President)
+48 502073717

ETCMA Representative
Izabela Mietka


Website http://www.pttmc.org



Founding date of organisation

June 2009


- Full members: 27
- Supporting members: 6
- Honorific members: 0

Member categories

- Full member – all rights
- Supporting member – no voting rights
- Honorific member – no voting rights

Membership fee

- Full member – 12 PLN/monthly (120 PLN/yearly)
- Candidate member– 12 PLN/monthly (120 PLN/yearly)
- Honorific member - free

Basic training required

for Full PTTMC member:
• minimum 500 hours of TCM (in general)
• basic knowledge in western medicine (number of hours not specified)
• practical and clinical training - number of hours not specified (members of PTTMC can stay people only with good theoretical knowledge)

The idea of PTTMC is to associate Polish TCM practitioners (MD and non-medical therapeutics), specialists, teachers etc. who are deeply involved in TCM and working full or part time in that field. Only that way we can try lobbying for a good law for TCM in the future, cooperate with Polish authorities, propagate TCM among Polish society, cooperate with Polish media as well as have an influence on high level of TCM teaching in Poland.

Required continuing education

PTTMC advises continuous professional development/education, but does not specify amount and time-frame of education

Requirements for continuing membership

Paying of membership fees

Becoming a member

• Application • List of courses and teaching/practice hours • Recommendation of two full PTTMC members • Acceptance of PTTMC board or Common meeting of PTTMC members

Legal situation in Poland


“Acupuncturist” is an officially recognized paramedical job (allowed for medical doctors as well as for non medical therapeutics), but without any recommendations about program, number of teaching hours, conditions of certification etc. No any other law for TCM (even not officially recognized job “Herbalist” or “Phytoterapeutist”). Acupuncture, herbal treatment, dietetics advice, massage etc. are allowed as normal business activity, after registration in local authorities.

Insurance reimbursement Health insurance reimbursement is only for “western medicine acupuncture” but only in analgesic treatment. No any other TCM treatments are reimbursed. TCM is allowed in private practice, clinic etc. but costs are beared by patient.

TCM Congress in Krakow:

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