Svenska Akupunkturförbundet Traditionell Kinesisk Medicin (SATCM)

Swedish Acupuncture Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Box 882 
SE-101 37 Stockholm 
Contact Eva Hagman (secretary)
T +46 86 000 230 F +46 86 000 230
ETCMA Representative: Per Tollefeldt 

Members, March 2015:  295

  • Active (Full) Members   295
  • Student members 62
  • Retired and honorary members 7

Membership fees

  • SEK 3800 (including insurance fee 800)
  • Honorary 1000
  • Student 1000

Required continuing education

  • 24 hours in a period of 2 years

Requirements for continuing membership

  • Practice inspections are made by the environmental health authorities.

Becoming a member - After graduation, applicants have to fill in a form and send to the association together with copies of their examination certificates of both TCM and western medicine. At the moment, there are six approved TCM schools in Sweden. The Swedish Acupuncture Association has a central examination/test for applicants.

Regulation - Anyone can practice acupuncture in Sweden. Except for some sanitary requirements for the clinic there are no legal requirements for practicing acupuncture. You don't have to have any education at all. There are a few restrictions; It's not allowed to give professional acupuncture to children aged less than 8 years, and you cannot say that you treat cancer, diabetes and some other autoimmune disease. This law is also a protection for the practitioners, as if they follow it and do no harm, are safe from legal issues. 

Legal status - In Sweden we have two acupuncture systems: traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and a Swedish invention that consists of stimulating the afferent sensory nervous system. TCM acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are classified as CAM therapies in Sweden, and by law are not allowed to be used in the official healthcare system. The afferent sensory nervous system acupuncture is the method used in the Swedish healthcare system after approximately 14 days of training. This method is just for pain relief. 

Insurance reimbursement - There is no reimbursement in Sweden for TCM or other CAM therapies. 

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