TCM Fachverband Schweiz

TCM FACHVERBAND SCHWEIZ                                              

TCM Fachverband Schweiz
Association Professionnelle Suisse de MTC
Associazione professionale svizzera di MTC
TCM Association Switzerland
Alfred Lienhard Strasse 1 
9113 Degersheim 

+41 71 372 01 11 F +41 71 372 01 19

Contact Eveline Roth (secretary), Markus Steurer (secretary - French)

ETCMA Representatives Alexandra Nievergelt, Francesca Becchio  



Membership information

Members : 1’310

Member categories

A-Member (Full member): fully licensed therapists who meet with the requirements of the TCM-FVS or OdA AM in at least one oft he following: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese dietary therapy, tuina massage therapy

B-Member (Students): Persons studying to become Chinese medical health professionals

C-Members (Students): Students who have completed modules M1-M5 and who are in a final phase (Phase C / Phase III) of the internship (M6)

D-Members (other therapists): D-members are therapists who practice TCM but do not meet the requirements for A, B or C membership. D members benefit from the network and various services

Membership fee

  • A-Member: CHF 500.- ; B-Member: CHF 390.-

Required continuing education

  • 45 hours every two years

Requirements for continuing membership

  • Done with continuing education requirements

Becoming a member


Legal situation in Switzerland

In Switzerland healthcare professionals are regulated by the laws of each individual canton or region (Switzerland has a total of 26 cantons). Licenses for the practice of acupuncture and Tuina as well as Chinese drug therapy are granted by the cantons, currently very different conditions apply. The laws regarding the practice of acupuncture and Chinese medicine by therapists range from prohibitions to legal practice of all modalities to no regulations at all. The situation now is changing to stronger regulations:  Since the year 2000, the TCM association Switzerland, together with other associations of complementary medicine, began to strive for federal professional regulation. In the year 2015, the State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation (SBFI) approved the Higher Professional Examination in order that TCM practitioners obtain a federal diploma as “Naturheilpraktiker” with specialization in TCM.

The practice of Chinese herbal medicine today isn’t regulated in most cantons. Since January 2001, herbal substances have been regarded as medicines by the federal government medicines agency Swissmedic. Thus, in theory, only therapists with legal permission to prescribe and administer Chinese medicines can legally practise Chinese herbal medicine. With the new national health law coming in 2019, the presciption will soon only be allowed for therapists with the national title and for therapists, that already have an existing permission in one of the cantons, with a few exceptions.

Doctors (MD) can practice acupuncture and Chinese herbs in all cantons. If they want to be reimbursed for acupuncture by the compulsory health insurance they need to have an ASA-Fähigkeitsausweis, a certificate which requires a minimum education time of 360 hours in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Insurance reimbursement

In addition to compulsory health insurance for all swiss residents, there is the option of private supplementary insurance in Switzerland. The supplementary insurance reimburses services in the fields of CAM (Complimentary Medicine), Dental Services, Non-Psychic Psychotherapy etc. TCM is covered by the supplementary health insurances for about 70-90% of the cost. Acupuncture treatment by medical doctors is covered by compulsory health insurance.

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