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We lobby for the common interests of our members by getting a voice on relevant EU committees and forums concerned with complementary therapies. This way we can inform and educate decision makers on policy and provision, with particular reference to TCM therapies.

Advocacy Commission
 Maria Jeskanen, Giulia Boschi

Mission and vision

The Advocacy Team has responsibility for communicating ETCMA's achievements, strategy and policy directly to Health Policy levels of the EU, to CAM partner organizations, to WHO Headquarters and the T&CM section in Geneva, as well as to organizations in the other continents.

It is the way we communicate the achievements of TCM/Acupuncture, and its strengths and potential in the Health Care System to these institutions, and also provides a way of networking strengths and combine forces.

Amongst these Health Care institutions, the EU is the largest and most important institution, the others being the WHO, especially the T&CM Unit (Traditional and Complementary Medicine) with which we have had a continuous 3 year exchange. Since this year we have been involved in the ICD-11 TM Chapter process to implement a clear definition of TCM terms, as part of the 10 year strategy for traditional medicine, which was adopted by WHA 2014.

The Advocacy Sub-Committee's remit is to contact, and communicate with, TCM/Acupuncture societies in Europe in order to highlight and demonstrate how ETCMA, with its many capabilities and established networks, can represent and support them , as it has done for other societiesfor the last 13 years. Political and structural engagement is one of the main tasks a TCM society has. We are here to help prepare our members for a bright future, but we have to work to achieve a flow of information, and an improvement of professional administration.

Networking in Europe is the ETCMA's most important activity, but we also aim to extend and develop our network to China/Asia, to promote a stronger flow of information, and scientific input, also of importance is a growing relationship with North America and Australia where TCM integration into health systems is far developed. Our overall mission then is to share experience and know how, and develop political strategies in order to support the great TCM/Acupuncture medical model.

Along with the above, as a lobbying team we continuously strive to obtain funding, and connect to TCM institutions worldwide with this aim. 


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