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  • logo IVN T-cópia

    Winter is coming

    by Bruno Custódio (from IVN Portugal)

    Published on October 15 2020

    As TCM practioners, we are completely aware of the challenges that winter and cold poses to the human body.

  • eurocam

    Who is EUROCAM

    and its activities

    Published on October 07 2020

    This story started with a European CAM stakeholder group meeting in July 2010. The first Eurocam meeting was in December 2011 and in January 2019, Eurocam received its official status as a foundation.

  • Logo-Scuola-LUMEN

    ETCMA signs MoU with LUMEN (association for promotion of naturopathy)

    Institutional Activities

    Published on October 01 2020

    We are proud to announce that ETCMA  has signed an MoU with LUMEN. 
  • seJA positivo-6

    ETCMA Advocacy Committee is creating an Advocacy Toolkit

    Advocacy Committee

    Published on September 21 2020

    ETCMA Advocacy Committee is creating an Advocacy Toolkit, so in this article we will share a few things that you can find on it.

  • european parliament

    10 Guiding Principles for the European Commission’s new health programme


    Published on September 19 2020

    As a member of EPHA’s EU4Health Civil Society Alliance (SCA), the former EU4Health stakeholders group, EUROCAM supports the just released 10 Guiding Principles for the European Commission’s new health programme.

  • acupuncture anatomy

    Hiding in Plain Sight-ancient Chinese anatomy


    Published on September 17 2020

    For thousands of years, scientists have studied human anatomy by dissecting bodies. Our knowledge of their findings is limited, however, both by the subsequent loss of many of the oldest texts, and by a tendency toward a Eurocentric perspective in medicine.

  • tiger

    ETCMA Supports TAWAP!

    ETCMA Activities

    Published on September 14 2020

    With many concerns about animal welfare and the extinction of thousands of living creatures as a result of the traditional medicine market, we have decided to move forward with an endorsement supporting the conservancy group World Animal Protection (WAP). 

  • acupuntura-ceimec-marcus-yu-bin-pai

    "Acupuncture is regulating the immune system"

    New study by neuroscientists at Harvard Medical School

    Published on August 26 2020

    A new study by neuroscientists at Harvard Medical School showing that Acupuncture is regulating the immune system and specifically it tames dangerous inflammation response such as we see in a cytokine storm in severe complication of COVID-19.

  • hugh macpherson-1

    Hugh MacPherson

    Rest in Peace

    Published on August 24 2020

    We were very sorry to hear about the sad news of the recent death of Hugh MacPherson, after his long battle with illness.

  • Captura de pantalla 2020-07-19 a las 9.05.21-3

    European School Leaders’ Day Event: Update!

    By Dr. Georgette Young, DAOM

    Published on August 14 2020

    On the 26th of July, the ETCMA held its annual 14th European School Leaders Day event via Zoom.

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