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12th European School Leaders Day

12th European School Leaders Day Teaching Research Literacy - The importance of understanding about research for acupuncture professionals

12th European School Leaders Day

Teaching Research Literacy
The importance of understanding about research for acupuncture professionals- 

This one-day workshop will briefly explore the current evidence for acupuncture effectiveness and mechanisms and how the mainstream medical communities have quietly responded to this. The workshop will then briefly discuss the core methodological issues that make designing, implementing and understanding clinical trials of acupuncture difficult. The remainder of the workshop will outline a desirable content for courses on research and acupuncture to help train faculty, students and practitioners in understanding about acupuncture research so that they can read, understand and develop informed defensible critical thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of studies and review articles and be able to explain these to health care professionals and those involved in regulation of health care practices.

9th MAY 2018, WEDNESDAY - 10-13 h, 14.30 -18 

Moderation: Jasmine Uddin (UK), Johanna Biemans (NL).

Location: Hotel Eisenhut, Room Taubertal.



Stephen Birch PhD has practised acupuncture for 36 years and has studied extensively in Japan with Yoshio Manaka and many Toyohari teachers. He undertook a PhD at Exeter University in 1991, completed in 1997 and has been actively involved in acupuncture research for over twenty years, publishing many articles and several book chapters on acupuncture research.

Since 1997 he has consulted with researchers in the UK, Australia, Germany, Canada and more recently in Norway, South Korea, Japan and China. In 2008 he became Associate Professor at the Norwegian Acupuncture School in Oslo, now integrated within Kristiania University College, Department of Health Sciences. He has helped teach about research, reading and critiquing papers and studies on acupuncture. He is collaborating with researchers at the Korean Institute of Oriental Medicine on various projects which include: systematic review of sham acupuncture techniques, Clinical Practice Guidelines and pattern identification research.


If you would like to attend please confirm your attendance by sending an email to by April, 15th, 2018.

Entrance fee (60 €) will be payable in cash on the day of attendance and a receipt will be provided for the payment.

Please note that attendance at ETCMA events does not require a ticket for the main congress.

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