15TH European school leaderS DAY (ESLD)-1

15th European School Leaders Day (ESLD)

25th July 2021

ETCMA will be holding its 15th European School Leaders Day (ESLD) on the 25th July 2021. It will be an all day zoom event starting at 10.00am CET and is open to TCM school leaders and staff as well as ETCMA members with responsibility for education in their associations.

The Workshop this year will look at the journey different schools have had to take to make their courses comply with an external educational standards monitoring system, so that schools can get an idea of what this process will require them to look at in relation to their own courses, should a European wide accreditation system or some similar process be developed.

The title of the Workshop is Accreditation - the challenges and benefits from a School's perspective. We will have three presentations from different Schools who will share their experiences of accreditation or another external monitoring process they have been subject to. We will be able to compare the experience and requirements of different systems as varied as a more formal/independent/accreditation process, the awarding of degree status from a national body and the evaluation process of a school under statutory regulation.

In the afternoon we will explore the headline areas that every school will need to consider for accreditation, with ample opportunity for questions and discussion around issues of specific concern and to share ideas of what has worked or not worked under these various schemes.

The ESLD will be moderated by Jasmine Uddin  - Education Lead of ETCMA

The Speakers are :-

Lara McClure - Course Director for the BSc in Acupuncture at the Northern College of Acupuncture (NCA) UK.

Helena Caria - full Professor with Tenure at the School of Health, Polytechnic Institute of Setubal (ESS/IPS) Portugal and co-coordinator of their Acupuncture Bachelor programme.

Camilla Gliemann - Education Manager  of Akupunktur Academiet, an independent acupuncture school in Denmark to have been level assessed to level 6 (equivalent to bachelor degree level) by the Danish Accreditation Institution.












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