TCM goes political! A must for all ETCMA members boards- Successes in European countries we can lear

3rd TCM goes political!

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Thursday, May 25th, 2017 15:00-18:00 – 3rd TCM goes political!

A must for all ETCMA board members representing their associations, including:

• TCM-political successes in European countries we can learn from. Portugal (Ricardo Teixeira), Switzerland (Catherine Asfour, Claudia Suleck, Danilo Sofranac)
• Announcement of UNESCO World Acupuncture Day, 2018, Paris, Dr. Denis Colin (FR)
• Role of Research in TCM Politics (Mel Hopper Koppelman, Gil Barzilay, Johanna Biemans)

Moderation: Gerd Ohmstede (D), Johanna Biemans (NL).
Location: Eisenhut, room Winterbach.







Gerd Ohmstede
Welcome; General Outlook and Aims on This Session


Dr. Denis Colin (F)
Title: World Acupuncture Day, 21st November 2018, at UNESCO building Paris
Celebration of the 8th anniversary of acupuncture as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity under the tutelage of UNESCO.

TCM-political successes in European countries we can learn from:


Ricardo Teixeira (PT)
Title: A conventional law for an unconventional medicine - Portugal
In Portugal CAM are in the middle of a journey that began in 2003, with the approval of the law that established the framework of the activity and the exercise of CAM professionals as the World Health Organization defines them.
After 10 years in 2013 the law that defines 7 CAM (Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic) and the ordinances that define the cycle of studies, characterization and functional contents of the profession, Liability insurance and the issuance of Professional License by the Portuguese Ministry of Health.
At this moment in Portugal an Acupuncturist or any other licensed CAM professional, have their profession well defined and with autonomy in the diagnosis and the means of therapeutics. It is still necessary to find its place in the health systems of Portugal. Although this year there has been some excellent news that CAM practices are exempt from VAT, but there are still many threats, it is not easy to find a law that serves as a glove when there are so many hands of different sizes, the fight is far from over but in the words of Lao-tsé "A great walk begins with the first step"


Danilo Sofranac, Catherine Asfour, Claudia Suleck (CH)
Title: Official Federal Profession – Challenges and Opportunities

Danilo Sofranac
Insight; Development of the profession, the path to the Swiss title and the role of the association in this journey. The role of the SBO before: Only provider of school-independent examinations and diplomas (core business), education system Switzerland (secondary, tertiary level.). How to get to the federal examination (with and without transitional control, M1-M7 to OdA AM certificate)
Catherine Asfour
How to get to the Federal Diploma: Registration, Submission, Exam Expiration P1-P4, Failure rate.
Claudia Suleck
The role of the TCM Professional Association Switzerland today and in the future, difficulties (core business) and opportunities (change and reorientation), what have we already done, what will we focus on in the next phase!

Role of Research in TCM Politics:


Mel Hopper Koppelman (UK)
Title: The Scientific Evidence for Acupuncture: Communicating How Acupuncture works to Patients, Doctors and Policy Makers
As practitioners, we know that acupuncture is effective for a wide variety of symptoms and diseases, often getting excellent results where other treatments have failed. And yet, given acupuncture’s excellent effectiveness to safety ratio, it’s not as widely accepted in most Western countries as many would expect. Many practitioners incorrectly believe that this is because while acupuncture helps their patients, controlled trials and basic science research has failed to demonstrate how acupuncture works or even if it works. This belief turns out to be faulty and has led to our profession perpetuating a myth that is holding us back from our true potential to help patients.
In this talk, you will learn:
• about the key milestone studies that all acupuncture professionals should know about it
• the real barriers to acupuncture’s acceptance and how to overcome them
• how to communicate with medical professionals and policy makers in a way that turns them into allies

17:30 -17:45

Dr. Gil Barzilay (IL)
Title: Role of Research in TCM Politics: Moving Forward
Research in TCM has developed over the last few years and can serve as a real "political" tool to support efforts to make TCM integrated into medical practice across Europe. Looking forward, we will present key plans by the ETCMA to educate, create awareness and advance research in the coming years.


Johanna Biemans (NL)
Title: ETCMA Infographic: acupuncture for chronic pain
This infographic is a compilation of recent acupuncture and related research for the chronic pain patient. It underlines the benefits of mind body approaches and the role of acupuncture for this group of patients. It provides practitioners with a communication and implementation tool for best practices.


Johanna Biemans, Gerd Ohmstede
Closure Remarks


About the Speakers:

Doctor Denis Colin - Medical Doctor, acupuncture practitioner
• Vice President of the World Federation of Acupuncture Societies (WFAS)
• President of WADO, the organization of the World Day of Acupuncture at UNESCO
• Former Responsible of education in Chinese Medicine, University Paris 13
• Former President of the French College of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
• Ex-Hospital Practitioner, specialist in Obstetric, Saint Cloud Hospital
• APEMCT President - Association for European Promotion of TCM
Dr. Colin was the founder and director of the state degree of medicine in acupuncture, of the acupuncture for obstetric diploma, of the inter-university diploma in Chinese pharmacotherapy. Dr. Colin has also developed medical research in acupuncture.


Ricardo Teixeira is a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist from Portugal. He started his TCM training at a Portuguese school in 2003, he made is internship at Chengdu University of TCM. He has been studying since 2010 with Dr. Tran Viet Dzung, Dr. Roberto Gonzalez, Dr. Jeremy Ross and others remarkable teachers that love TCM.
He is also international representative, member of advisory board and a certified trainer for Instituto Van Nghi of Portugal.
More recently was elected for the Executive Committee of ETCMA (European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association) as the leader of the communications committee.


Danilo Sofranac - President TCM Professional Association, Switzerland
TCM Diplomas in: herbal medicine, acupuncture, dietetics
• Economic apprenticeship 1994-1997
• TCM Dietetics 2004-2005
• TCM acupuncture 2006-2011
• Post graduate chinese herbal medicine 2012-2014
• Professional background in economy: accounting, insurance
• Professional background in Educational System: scattered lecturers activities in TCM and conventional medicine
• Professional experience and strengths in health system: Interdisciplinary treatment strategies


Claudia Suleck - TCM Professional Association Switzerland (Marketing/Communication)
Therapist for manual therapies; Therapist for TCM; Naturopath
• Therapeutic massages 2006-2008
• Naturopathy 2008-2011
• TCM/Acupuncture 2009-2012
• TCM/Dietetics 2009-2012
• TCM/Western herbs 2014-2015
• Lecturing activities and articles for specific subjects
• Background in finance, tax and accounting
• Work abroad in England, Argentina, Guatemala
• Competitive sports in young adulthood


Mel Hopper Koppelman looks forward to living in a world where suffering is minimised, science and intuition harmoniously co-exist, and acupuncture reaches its full potential as a healing modality, with the support of the scientific and medical community.
She completed her MSc in Acupuncture from the Northern College of Acupuncture in York, UK in 2012 and a second MSc in Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon, USA in 2015. As an acupuncturist and research geek, she has consulted for a number of national patient advocacy organisations, including the UK’s Migraine Action. She is currently the director of Evidence Based Acupuncture and an advisor to the Acupuncture Now Foundation.
When she's not sticking patients with needles, you can find her arguing with strangers on the internet or enjoying life with her beautiful partner in Rhode Island, USA.


Gil has a Diploma in Chinese Medicine (Dipl. CM, I.A.TCM) with distinction from Broshim College of Integrative Medicine, where he studied both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. In addition, he has completed a 1-year specialty course in "Chinese & Macrobiotics Nutrition" with Eyal Shpringer.
Gil works in his clinic in central Tel Aviv and in "Refuot", one of the leading CAM Clinics in Israel. He also teaches "Chinese Medicine Research" in Broshim College, Israel and abroad as well as being an assistant in the "Acupuncture Techniques" course.
Gil is also part of the International Community of Chinese Medicine (ICCM) Organization Core Team. Recently, Gil was elected to be Head of Research in the Executive Committee of the European TCM Association ETCMA). He writes regularly research reviews & newsletters for Broshim, ICCM and other organizations (Facebook: drgiltcm).
Before studying Chinese Medicine, Gil worked in Teva Pharmaceuticals, leading Global Marketing for the Innovative Multiple Sclerosis business (Copaxone©).
Gil has a B.Sc (Honors) from Imperial College, Univ. of London, a Ph.D from Oxford University in Cancer Research and a European Medical Biology Organization Post-Doctoral fellowship at the Weizmann Institute, specializing in Cell Death research.


Johanna Biemans has obtained her master as a Clinical Epidemiologist at the University of Amsterdam. She tends to look at the rich tradition of Chinese Medicine with a scientific eye and has incentive for innovation. One of her projects is the congress "The Journey of the Needle" with main objective to bring all knowledge of needling under one umbrella.
As opposed to the rigid scientific borders she loves being around with TCM colleagues from around the world to share ancient wisdom and be inspired by a motivated TCM community. Together strong to built on the acceptance of acupuncture and TCM. She has a combined bachelor in psychology and philosophy. helpful in getting the whole picture.
She is vice president of the ETCMA (European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association) as well as vice chair of the Dutch Association of Acupuncture (NVA). She runs a private clinic in Utrecht as an acupuncturist and physiotherapist.


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