48th TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2017

48th TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2017



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10-13h, 14.30-18 h. European School Leader Day. Online learning in acupuncture courses: challenges and opportunities.
Moderation: Jasmine Uddin (UK), Caoimhe Mc Glinchey (IRL). Speakers: Charlesworth, Karen (UK), Nodder, Jane (UK)
Location: Hotel Eisenhut, Room Taubertal.
This is the 11th ESLD and is open to any college director, college lecturer or Association Board member or representative with an interest in Education. This ESLD has been one of the most important work of the ETCMA for the practitioners as it was here where the core curriculum was first discussed.
This workshop will be pitched for those College/TI heads and academics who are considering adding an online learning element to their courses.

Since 2012, the Northern College of Acupuncture (York, UK) has integrated online learning throughout its undergraduate and post-graduate curriculum for Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Nutrition Science and Practice, including three online-only courses with a global cohort of students.

NCA’s Research Director, Karen Charlesworth, led the design and implementation of the College’s online learning system, and Online Courses Director Jane Nodder runs a team of tutors who deliver teaching and learning via the system. Karen and Jane will lead this workshop, which offers delegates opportunities to:

• Learn about the basic concepts, theories, terminology and current research relating to online learning, both in pedagogy and technology
• Consider the opportunities and challenges of introducing online learning to their organisations
• Explore a number of practical issues and areas of debate with regard to designing and delivering online learning
• Consider ‘real-life’ examples of design and delivering via online learning
• Consider the role of online learning and applying advanced technologies to research methods and approaches
• Take away ‘Top Five’ Best Practice Tips

The workshop will include plenty of discussion and practical exercises designed to introduce and explore the challenges and opportunities of integrating online learning into acupuncture courses.

13 -14 h. 4th WHO-Forum via WebEx. Update on ICD-11 TM Chapter development.
Nenad Kostanjsek, Technical Officer, WHO. Stephane Espinosa, Consultant, WHO. John Hughes, Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, London, UK. We would like to invite all those, who are interested in the latest global development in TCM, for the 4th WHO forum organized jointly by ETCMA and WHO representatives.

At the time of this year congress in Rothenburg, there will a general assembly of the WHO taking place at Geneva. One of the important points on the program will be voting about the ICD-11 (11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases). This 11th revision is bringing a revolutionary TM (Traditional Medicine) Chapter with a systematic classification of diagnosis according to TCM that has been created according to systems of China, South Korea and Japan and field-tested last several years. If approved, the TM chapter of the ICD-11 will bring a new era of intra and interdisciplinary communication and hopefully also an acceptance of TCM in member countries of WHO.

Because of the time collision, this year WHO forum will be arranged by a WebEx teleconference directly from the GA in Geneva.

The program of the meeting will cover an update on ICD-11 TM Chapter development.
Feedback from the ICD Revision conference in Tokyo, Japan
Present results from the international peer review process of the ICD-11 TM Chapter
Pilot testing in Europe
Report on the status of international field-testing activities in 2017.

Presenters: Nenad Kostanjsek, Technical Officer, WHO
Stephane Espinosa, Consultant, WHO
John Hughes, Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, UK

Moderation: Jiri Bilek (CZ), Maria Jeskanen (FI), Gerd Ohmstede (D)
Come and join us for sharing of the of the hottest news and discussion with insiders



15 – 18 h. 3rd TCM goes political!
A must for all ETCMA board members:
• Successes in European countries we can learn from - Portugal Ricardo Teixeira and Switzerland Danilo Sofranac.
• Announcement of UNESCO World Acupuncture Day, 2018, Paris, Dr. Denis Colin (F).
Moderation: Gerd Ohmstede (D), Johanna Biemans (NL).
Location: Eisenhut, room Winterbach.

"A conventional law for an unconventional medicine"

presented By Ricardo Teixeira Communications Lead and EC member ETCMA and Representative for IVN Portugal

In Portugal CAM are in the middle of a journey that began in 2003, with the approval of the law that established the framework of the activity and the exercise of CAM professionals as the World Health Organization defines them.
After 10 years in 2013 the law that defines 7 CAM (Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Osteopathy and Chiropractic) and the ordinances that define the cycle of studies, characterization and functional contents of the profession, Liability insurance and the issuance of Professional License by the Portuguese Ministry of Health.
At this moment in Portugal an Acupuncturist or any other licensed CAM professional, have their profession well defined and with autonomy in the diagnosis and the means of therapeutics. It is still necessary to find its place in the health systems of Portugal. Although this year there has been some excellent news that CAM practices are exempt from VAT, but there are still many threats, it is not easy to find a law that serves as a glove when there are so many hands of different sizes, the fight is far from over but in the words of Lao-tsé "A great walk begins with the first step"


Insight and development of the profession and the path to the Swiss title and the role of the association in this journey
Presented by Danilo Sofranac President TCM Swiss Confederation Switzerland

The role of the SBO before: Only provider of school-independent examinations
And diplomas (core business), education system Switzerland (secondary, tertiary level.)

How to get the HFP (with and without transitional control, M1-M7 to OdA AM certificate)

How to get to the Federal Diploma (CA): Examination, Registration, Reistration, Submission, Examination

The role of the TCM Professional Association Switzerland today and in the future difficulties (core business) and opportunities (change and reorientation), what have we already done, what will we focus on in the next phase!

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