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  • 21 - 23 September (4)

    ICD-11 TM Chapter development

    5th WHO forum Rothenburg

    Published on June 26 2018

    In the 5th WHO forum “Update on ICD-11 TM Chapter development” Dr Stéphane Espinosa gave an account of the different phases of the ICD-11 development and the significance of the implementation phase starting in June 2018. The platform for Field Implementation assessment was also described and seems an excellent tool for educational and professional development to get familiarized with the coding process and the future benefits in applications such as adverse events reporting or reimbursement, as Stéphane explained. The development of the International Classification of Health Interventions also looks very promising.

  • 4th TCM goes political

    4th TCM Goes Political

    TCM Kongress Rothenburg 2018

    Published on May 10 2018

    4th TCM goes political! (ETCMA event)

    One of the most important event for TCM political community.

  • Bare Organics

    12th European School Leaders Day

    12th European School Leaders Day Teaching Research Literacy - The importance of understanding about research for acupuncture professionals

    Published on May 09 2018

    12th European School Leaders Day

    Teaching Research Literacy
    The importance of understanding about research for acupuncture professionals

    Speaker: Stephen Birch 

    This one-day workshop will briefly explore the current evidence for acupuncture effectiveness and mechanisms and how the mainstream medical communities have quietly responded to this.

  • kshgf-1

    CHINESE MEDICINE CONFERENCE 17 April 2018 - Athens, Greece

    "Integrative Medicine"

    Published on April 10 2018


    Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy are two very important holistic systems of therapy that can be integrated to the conventional medical practices. In the Hellenic medical system attempts of integration has been made in the past. Acupuncture is currently used in the pain clinics of some of the Hellenic hospitals and homeopathy is used in some municipality clinics. In this Conference of Integrative Medicine more than 12 Chinese Medicine doctors will present how Chinese Medicine is implemented with the conventional medicine in the Chinese medical system and Hellenic Medical Doctors specialised in Homeopathy will also present the integration of Homeopathy with conventional Medicine in their clinics.

  • World Acupuncture day

    World Acupuncture Day (WAD) and the World Scientific and Cultural Dialogue on Acupuncture (WSCDA)

    15, 16 and 17, November 2018, Paris

    Published on April 05 2018

    World Acupuncture Day (WAD) will be celebrated, in Paris, on 15 November 2018 by the international acupuncture and moxibustion community. 

    World Acupuncture Day is being organized to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the inscription of acupuncture and moxibustion, in November 2010, into the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 

  • 0001

    ARRC Symposium 2018

    Bridging the gap between research and practice

    Published on April 05 2018

    ARRC* celebrated his 20th Symposium anniversary. The ARRC Conferences are perceived as one of the best research events in acupuncture, where the most importantant researchers meet.

  • etcma

    GA 2018 - Palermo

    ETCMA General Assembly

    Published on March 02 2018

    This year our General Assembly and Workshop will be on 2nd and 3rd of March 2018 in Palermo, Italy.


  • Hey dad, did you know_

    Meeting of the European Parliament Interest Group MEPs for CAM

    Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): its benefits for EU citizens with musculoskeletal disorders

    Published on February 21 2018

    CAM Interest Group is an informal group of members of the European Parliament with a special interest in Complementary and Alternative Medicine on february 21st in the European Parliament they had a meeting and the theme was “Complementary and Alternative Medicine: its benefits for EU citizens with musculoskeletal disorders.”

  • Spring ale

    Traditional Chinese Medicine in Portugal

    School Syllabus regarding the degree in TCM

    Published on February 12 2018

    The School Syllabus regarding the degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was published February 9th, by the portuguese government.


  • krakow-2017-tcm-congress-1

    2nd International TCM Congress in Poland

    International Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Krakow.

    Published on December 28 2017

    The Second International Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine took place on 13-15 October 2017 in Krakow.

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