ARRC Symposium in its 19th year!

by the Research Committee

 ETCMA was present in the 19th ARRC Symposium, which took place in London. 

Key figures in TCM Research, such as Prof. Hugh MacPherson, Volker Scheid and others presented research in stroke, infertility and back pain. The ETCMA seeks to strengthen ties with the  BAcC and other organizations in order to improve the quantity and quality of research in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Europe.


Johanna Biemans (ETCMA Vice President)
Paul Hitchcock (Chief Executive Officer of BAcC)
Gil Barzilay (ETCMA Head of Research)

Myeong Soo Lee (Senior researcher at the Korean Institute of Oriental Medicine)

Gil Barzilay (ETCMA Head Research Committee)

Mark Bovey (MSc), Director ARRC

Kevin Durjun (Head Congres Management)

Prof. Nicola Robinson (Prof. of TCM and Integrated Health at London south Bank University)

Prof. Hugh MacPherson (Prof. of acupuncture research at University of York)

Johanna Biemans (MSc), (ETCMA Vice President)

Dr. MIke Cummings (Medical Director of BMAS( British Medical Acupuncture Society))

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