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Letter from the President of the ETCMA

Letter from the President of the ETCMA


President’s Letter

Newsletter Autumn 2021

Dear Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

This summer was not as relaxing as it should have been.  The continued restriction of the Covid pandemic has hindered the free movement of the Fire element.  I have observed that individuals are feeling more lonely and isolated and are experiencing more states of anxiety and depression (major symptoms due to lack of fire). Therefore, they are more in need of TCM treatment on the shen level.  And we, as the practitioners, can certainly benefit from the support of our associations which brings fire and unity.  

At the ETCMA, we didn't rest much at all this summer.  The whole of the Executive Committee (EC) continued to meet and work all during the traditional vacation time.  We have been very involved with the internal process of regulation, corporate rebranding, and the international projects of mutual exchange and communication.

This summer, we initiated a Research Task Force (RTF) that is moving forward with uploading on the active member’s ‘shared drive’ some new research and One-Pagers.  I urge you to look inside and make use of it.

A special Team of Editors Task Force (ETF) was formed by the Communication Department to share and exchange publishing content.  Soon, we will create a shared drive ‘image bank’ where we will collect high quality images for use by all of our member societies to use as they need in their promotional & published materials. 

In July, we held our Annual European School Leaders Day (ESLD)  and discussed a common core curriculum and teaching methodologies. This was a very successful event with a great turn out of school leaders who want to move towards a higher and more unified European educational accreditation and certification for the profession.

On the European level, we were actively involved with EURO-CAM, and will be updating you soon about the opportunities for European Parliament & lobbying.

On an International level we were very active in meeting with key leaders to create a global strategy in a new start in Traditional Medicine (TM) research.  You will hear more from us on this exciting new initiative, I hope soon. 

I would like to remind you that we, at the ETCMA, are open to any of your thoughts, wishes, and ideas for topics for our up and coming Leadership Webinars to be scheduled very soon.  Our goal is to promote leadership and support leadership on all levels in order to strengthen our profession. 

I wish you an insightful autumn and I would also like to thank the EC for their continued hard work in serving all of you.  

Please, let me finish with a Māori phrase which I received and I thought it touches upon something core:  “Kia kaha, Kia atawhai”  Meaning... (Be Strong and Be Kind)

Wishing you an enjoyable autumn, 

From shen to shen 

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