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Celebrated the first meeting of the Etcma’s team of editors

22th June 2021

Last Tuesday, June 22TH, the first meeting of the ETCMA Team of editors was held, in which the Executive Committee Yair Maimon (President), Georgette Young (Secretary General), Xinyue Calduch (Communications Committee), Ricardo Teixeira ( Advocacy Committee) and Benjamin Saez (Administrator), participated.

Likewise, as representatives of some members of ETCMA, Claudia Skopalik and Viorica Zaharia (FEMTCI of Spain), Ann Gordon (Publications Manager at British Acupuncture Council, UK), Martina Bögel and Birgit Ziegler (AGTCM, DE), Sinead Dee (TCMCI, IRE) also participated and Pierre Letzkus (CFMTC, FR).

All participants, as well as others who could not attend the meeting, share the same organization's objective which is to promote and develop the standards and structures that will enable healthcare policy makers to have the confidence to incorporate the provision of Chinese medicine into national healthcare systems through the establishment of a profession whose practitioners are safe, competent and ethical.

For this, ETCMA through the Team of Editors Project, what it intends is that with all the members of the organization (currently a total of 32 members representing 22 countries) contribute their “grain of sand” to share content of interest (videos, images, articles, scientific articles, research projects, etc.) with the ultimate aim of the ETCMA to disseminate the mentioned content as well as all the ETCMA members in their national scope.

To do this, through this team of editors, the aim will be made to reach not only TCM and Acupunture practitioners but also the general public (TCM-Acupuncture patients) as well as students and / or future professionals of this discipline.

Thank you again for the participation and collaboration of all ETCMA members.

Remember: Together we are stronger

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