Cup of Tea and shared drive in Members area

An initiative that is part of getting a closer and more cooperative relationship with you

The ETCMA launched in 2020 the Cup of Tea Meetings, an initiative that is part of getting a closer and more cooperative relationship with you, our members. The CoT Meetings are especially designed to give a voice and a platform to interact with the EC and other members of the ETCMA. We aim to address questions and initiatives from members. The first of these meetings was held on the 13th of September. We plan to have one or two CoT’s per year. Our next one is planned for springtime 2021.
A request that has arisen during this meeting was to establish a shared Google drive for affiliated associations. We managed to offer such a place where you can share information with colleagues from Europe. From our side we’ll try to update regularly and archive information that is of relevance to you. Most recently we added the recordings of the Leadership webinar, ETCMA’s position paper on Dry Needling and Evidence Based Assessments from SAR ( Society of Acupuncture Research).
If you didn’t arrange your access yet, here is the process once more:


How to get access?

Especially for this aim, the ETCMA created for each of the member associations a [name association] email address. We will assign this email address to one person of your association. Preferably the ETCMA representative.  You can send the name, position and email address to This person can access the members area via this email.

Our associate members will be able to access the area at Google drive without the possibility of uploading or editing files. Our full members will be given the ability to edit and add in the available folders.

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