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ETCMA Advocacy Committee is creating an Advocacy Toolkit

Advocacy Committee

ETCMA Advocacy Committee is creating an Advocacy Toolkit, so in this article we will share a few things that you can find on it. In this days is necessary to be prepare for any interview or debate that as the focus TCM. So, this are ten tips that you can use, if you are expecting to do a debate. We will develop in more detail in the Advocacy toolkit that ETCMA is currently finishing.

The 10 best debating tips and techniques are:

  • Preparation of your topic
  • Stay on topic
  • Speak slowly, clearly and charismatically
  • Be confident with your topic
  • Think about your body language and what it’s saying to your audience
  • Listen and take notes
  • Anticipate your opponent’s questions before they’re uttered
  • Tell a story or give an illustration with an example to make your point
  • Use a strong conclusion
  • Don’t take cheap shots at your opponents


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