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Support from ETCMA. Covid-19

Support from ETCMA. Covid-19

Dear ETCMA members, professionals and colleagues,

Unfortunately, we are all going through tough times because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is not only affecting everyone at the European level but also on a global scale.

From ETCMA, we want to give you our full support. We will continue to inform you about the latest news which may arise through social networks. We will be updating you with articles of interest, reports, guides and action protocols against Covid-19.  We will also be signposting you to evidence of treatments using Chinese medicine to fight the virus and relieve its symptoms in confirmed cases.

As you may know, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been accepted as one of the modalities which can help to heal and prevent this kind of disease (Covid-19). For example, recently, there was a "consensus" statement on 2019-nCoV treatment published in the prestigious World Journal of Pediatrics, among others.

Given the amount of misleading information (fake news) and unverified news, we would like to provide you with a link to the official website of the World Health Organization where you can consult first-hand, valuable information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic: 

On the aforementioned official website you will find lots of information including:

  • Guidance for the public, including basic protective measures against the new coronavirus, advice for the population about rumours concerning the new coronavirus, etc.
  • Technical guidelines (for professionals), with early epidemiological and clinical research on COVID-19 for a public health response, etc.

 This crisis should employ both TCM and Western Medicine in the fight against this virus. Strengthening the role of both and uniting through an integrative medicine perspective, and to begin solving the problems of human health.

Together we are stronger!

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