EUROCAM is looking for a talented Secretary General

EUROCAM is looking for a talented Secretary General

The role of Secretary-General EUROCAM

The Secretary-General (S-G) is the organisation's public face and provides overall leadership and management of the strategy, policy, resources, operations, and communications of EUROCAM. The S-G is committed to the organisation's mission and vision. The S-G is a member of the Executive Committee and directly accountable to the General Board and appointed for three years. 

Essential duties and responsibilities (focussing on the mission)


  • Advising General Board (GB) on all aspects of the organisation's strategic development and operates in line with EUROCAM's strategic and political objectives.
  • Managing the planning and delivery of the organisation's established programmes and activities in the best interests of the organisation, its affiliated organisations and associate partners.
  • Managing the Executive Committee. 
  • Informing the GB on ongoing and planned activities 
  • (Working together with the advisory board)
  • Interview meetings with new partners
  • Giving presentations on seminars and webinars

Network description


  • Acting as the ambassador for the organisation in meetings with EU institutions, WHO, CAM/IM Industry, and stakeholders.
  • Contributing to stakeholders' meetings
  • Provides political leadership and representation in cooperation with the GB.
  • Supervises, manage and develop EUROCAM's policy position and advocacy strategies
  • Researching possibilities for funding/grants
  • Writing position papers, propose amendments for EP
  • Preparation of documents, writing letters


Key deliveries

  • Provision of a clear strategic direction for EUROCAM and overall leadership.
  • Delivery of outputs established in the organisation's Strategy Plan
  • Developing and maintaining a high reputation for EUROCAM.
  • Running the secretariat of the MEP Interest Group IM&H
  • Represents EUROCAM and promote the best interests of EUROCAM across all its activities. 
  • Maintain relations with EPHA, WHO, EC, EP, MEP IM&H, experts in CAM/IM, other EU health institutions and stakeholders
  • Acting as EUROCAM's spokesperson.


  • Having an EU network 
  • Working closely together with EU institutions (a.i. EP, EC, WHO, EPHA)


Candidate Specification





  • Knowledge and understanding of:
  • Integrative Medicine & Health and health-related issues.
  • Public health
  • Skilled advocate with strong ties in the CAM/IM and public health network
  • Demonstrated skills in managing CAM/IM related portfolio, including coordination of a large and diverse group of stakeholders 
  • Excellent communication, organisation, and administrative skills.
  • A broad approach in which all CAM/IM modalities and health professionals are included.



  • At least five years' experience in CAM/IM issues
  • Experienced in EU policy-making process

Experienced in working with other EU institutions (EP, EC, WHO, etc.)


Fluent written and spoken English

Ability to establish credibility, particularly in new areas.

A consultative and facilitative style with the ability to influence others where appropriate.

Ability to provide direction and leadership that inspires the General and Executive Board.

Ability to demonstrate authority, commitment, consistency and fairness.

Ability to think clearly and analytically, grasp complex issues and develop sound judgments in a complex field.

Influencing and negotiating skills in partnerships and strategic alliances.

Robust and comfortable with operating in a complex environment.

Strong organisational abilities, strategic planning

Excellent communication skills

Excellent interpersonal skills.

Public speaking skills

Strong written and verbal communication skills


Preferable in other EU languages


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