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Hugh MacPherson

Rest in Peace

Dear Members, Friends, & Colleagues,

We were very sorry to hear about the sad news of the recent death of Hugh MacPherson, after his long battle with illness.

His contribution to the growth of the acupuncture profession was colossal, as both an educator and a researcher and will continue to nourish the lives of all those he inspired, and there were many…

Hugh managed through his meticulous and accessible research projects to convince western scientists and researchers that TCM could provide a valid and a valuable contribution to healthcare in the modern world. He raised the profile of our profession not only to those who might question it but for all of us practitioners who were increasingly convinced of the value of research and research-mindedness in our daily practice.

Hugh’s gift to us is that we all stand a little taller as a result of the integrity and scholarship he brought to our profession.
In addition, Hugh MacPherson was one of the pioneers when it comes to lifting acupuncture to a scientific level. He is one of the big names in the past decades who knew how to publish qualitative research with robust evidence to fight back the skeptics. In 2016-2017 the ETCMA had the privilege to run a small project together with Hugh. To honour his work, we would like to share once more this Infographic about acupuncture in pain management which included 4 of his important works.


Rest in Peace


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