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Meeting of member entities of ETCMA to coordinate the actions of lobby in favor of the TCM, at the European level and the different countries

Advocacy toolkit

Last Tuesday, April 6, a meeting of the members of the different European countries of ETCMA was held by videoconference, with the aim of analyzing and developing promotion and defense strategies, to effectively influence politics and those responsible for taking decision-making, in order to be a true catalyst for change, in relation to TCM policies at the level of the European Union and of the different countries.

24 professionals from 18 countries participated in this meeting and a dossier was presented as a basis for discussion, prepared and presented by the representative of Portugal, Head of the Advocacy Committee for ETCMA Ricardo Teixeira.

The creation of a common language for promotion, how to achieve credibility, the necessary skills, coordination and leadership, ability to generate and communicate information, ability to assess risks, development advocacy strategies, advocacy strategy planning worksheets, relationship with decision-makers (politicians, officials at different levels), the effect of pressure and advocacy on those responsible for decision-making decisions (politicians, officials at various levels), the effect on society in general, benefits of really useful associations to strengthen the defense of rights, advice to establish a network, alliance or coalition, use of social media for advocacy , were some of the different issues addressed, among others.

Questions were answered such as: what is the use of social media for digital promotion? Why use social media for digital promotion? When can social media be used? Who should use social networks ? How are social media used for digital promotion? How to develop content and systems to manage digital promotion efforts, etc.

Bottom line: advocacy skills and tips, how to analyze and influence legislation or policies, how to prepare a briefing note / position paper, etc.

Thank you to all the participants and specially to Ricardo Teixeira for his work and excellent presentation!

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