Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between TPCMA and ETCMA signed

in Taipei, Taiwan


President Dr. Tsao Yun-Tson and Gerd Ohmstede announcing the MoU of TPCMA (Taipei Chinese Medical Association) and ETCMA in the plenary session of the annual congress of the TPCMA with 2100 participants from 13 countries. TPCMA is the most influential society in Taiwan. All members are MDs with full training of TCM at one of the four TCM Universities 


Dr. Michael Chung (Ca), Dr. Christine Chang (USA), Gerd Ohmstede (D), Dr. Tsao Yun-Tson (TW), Prof. Lin (TW), Dr. Chen Wang-Chuan, new elected president of TPCMA (TW).


 All representatives together friendly welcomed the good cooperation in the future






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