Partnership with the ARRC

by Nick Pahl, former Chief Executive Officer of British Acupuncture Council


In 2016 ETCMA has established a partnership with ARRC (Acupuncture Research Resource Centre ) as a part of our policy of supporting research activities as well as significant projects of our member associations.

ARRC is a specialist resource for acupuncture research information; the only such resource in the UK. It is funded by the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC). It was established in 1994 by the BAcC in partnership with the Foundation for Research in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a research charity.

ARRC’s central aim is to serve registered acupuncturists and others by providing good quality information on research into acupuncture. Thus it supports practice and promotes further research. ARRC also aims to increase awareness of the role and effectiveness of acupuncture and hence help in getting wider acceptance for the use of acupuncture within health systems.

ARRC has put on an acupuncture research symposium in most years since 1995. This is a one-day event focused on oral presentations, but often including workshops or debates, and posters.

This year, on March 19th, ETCMA was present at the Symposium with a stand and speech held by three EC members Jasmine Uddin, Johanna Biemans and Jiri Bilek.

One of the significant speeches of this year’s Symposium was from  Hugh MacPherson from the University of York: Perspectives on why so many published trials of acupuncture are "negative".

His findings have such a great impact on the way that acupuncture is perceived by the general  public and professionals, that we  are delighted  to share it with you (with a generous agreement from the author and ARRC)

If you have any items that could be of interest to the research committee please contact Johanna Biemans, Head of the Research Committee

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