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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As you might have heard, the situation in Spain is particularly critical. We risk a complete ban of all CAM in that country, including acupuncture, even for health professionals.

Let us react as a European community to prevent heavy consequences in Spain and other EU countries.

ETCMA’s EC  has decided to support a private practitioner’s petition on WECHANGE.org as illustrated below, but we cannot do anything without you.

It’s urgent. The impact depends not only on how many people sign it but also on the time in which signatures are collected.

Please ask your members to sign this petition immediately and to spread it among their contacts. Let’s make it viral.

Other initiatives may follow but let’s start with this one.

I’m grateful for your support

Head of the ETCMA Advocay Committee

Giulia Boschi


"My name is Jose Rodriguez from AcuRodos. I'm a Spanish acupuncturist based in Dublin (Ireland).

Spanish Government pretends to ban TCM/Acupuncture in Spain due to an open letter signed by 400 scientist that came to the conclusion that "pseudo-science kills". No TCM scientific studies have been considered as they are "irrelevant" based on their arguments.

We created a Change.org petition that we will send to the Spanish Health Authorities to reconsider their stance. 

The government says the document is open to suggestions from all relevant sectors, including regional governments, university professors, scientific communities and associations. This is the main reason we need you: we require no only Spanish regional support but European support from communities and entities to block this proposal and force them to properly reconsider the needs and demands of patients seeking alternative options for their ailments. 


We would be glad to sponsor your association/community in order to let them know the support and strength about the benefits of TCM & Acupuncture in any open society."

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