President Letter.

Last days of 2020

Dear Members, Colleagues and Friends,

I hope your holidays were filled with joyful celebration.

Now that we have approached the end of 2020, it’s a good time to look back and reflect on our achievements, the challenges we faced, how we are developing as an organization, as well as what we learn from the process.  It’s been quite a year! 

In the meantime, we (the new post-election EC team) have gotten off to a really good start even in the face of a Covid crisis. We managed to make the most out of our virtual online meetings and exchange. The time we shared indeed was very productive.

I would like to summarize for you the first year (9 months) of our work at the ETCMA and share some of our achievements. (We will elaborate further at our March GA 2021) One of the keys to our success is teamwork - supporting each other blended with our common passion towards promoting TCM in Europe and worldwide.

Our endeavours for the past year were focused on 3 areas:

  1. Our Members (Benefits, Guidelines, and Strategy)
  2. Our Internal Work as an EC (Organization and Restructuring)
  3. Collaboration & Cooperation with Global Key Players (WHO, EUROCAM)

First of all, I would like to thank my team: Georgette, Johanna, Jasmine, Phil, Klaas, Ricardo, Xinyue, Sofie, and our amazing new administrative assistant Benjamin. Without their collaborative assistance and unwavering commitment towards excellence, many efforts would not have been possible.

===read more for high lights and details (below)

We certainly have been busy and had an accomplishing year!  We look forward to a new beginning in 2021. Our next specialised EC meeting will be held on the 3rd of January and will encompass the new three year “Strategic Plan” 2021-2024.  Hopefully, we will find the time and place to hug you all in real time, and not be limited by virtual meetings very soon!

All of us at the EC are truly grateful for your support and collaboration, especially during this challenging year where everything has changed drastically. Let’s stay positive!  And embrace a better year to come.  Goodbye 2020!  Hello 2021!

Wishing you all a very healthy and fulfilling year,

With joy of the heart and healing blessings,

From Shen to Shen,




Here are some of our highlights:

1. Our Members

We launched a series of Zoom meetings on different topics with the aim to improve communication and promote a cross pollination of ideas. These meetings will continue in various formats over the next few years.  For example, we named them Cup of Tea, Leadership Webinars, Task-Force,and expanded our annual live event, European School Leaders Day (ESLD), and converted it to a virtual one. ESLD attendance this year was a huge success! 

In addition, we unified our Standards and Guidelines for Safe Practiceduring the Covid 19 Pandemic and also refined the 3 Pillars of the ETCMA: Code of Professional Conduct, Code of Safe Practice, and the Educational Entry Criteria for Membership.

2. Internal EC - ETCMA Organisational Work

As an EC, we focused on our vision and strategy and re-established effective teamwork.we  have implemented the use of the common “Shared” Google Drive. In addition, we have implemented a Project Managementtool, “Click-Up”, to help us track our tasks and follow up with meetings to be more productive. Lastly, we started the exciting process of Rebranding our Corporate Identityand giving our Website and Logoa fresh new look (Coming Soon!).

3. Collaboration & Cooperation with Key Global Players

We have focused on more international cooperation and collaboration in order to promote acupuncture and make the ETCMA more effective and stronger. This year, the decision to work more closely withEUROCAM, and be more ‘hands-on’ by attending their regular meetings so that our voice will be heard at the level of the European Parliament. 

Establishing our ‘official’ annually celebrated Acupuncture Awareness Dayset another mile stone for global awareness!  And, we are strengthening our collaboration with China, USA (ASA & NCCAOM), Australia (AACMA), and the World Health Organisation (WHO) regarding the official launch (January 2022) on the ‘Traditional Medicine’ Chapter 26.

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