Save the dates for ETCMA’s events

By Gerd Ohmstede, the Head of an Advocacy Committee of ETCMA


ETMA’s EC is preparing interesting meetings, discussions and events especially for EC members of ETCMA members societies and invited guest. 

11th ESLD 2017 / Wednesday May 24th

Caoimhe and Jasmine are preparing a very interesting European School Leaders Day and ETCMA invites you cordially to inform your attached schools as soon as possible about this unique Wednesday: Online learning in acupuncture courses: challenges and opportunities. Learn about the basic concepts, theories, terminology and current research relating to online learning, both in pedagogy and technology

  • Consider the opportunities and challenges of introducing online learning to their organisations
  • Explore a number of practical issues and areas of debate with regard to designing and delivering online learning.

Speakers: Karen Charlesworth, MBAcC, MSc (Acupuncture) Research Director at the Northern College of Acupuncture, York, UK. Jane Nodder, MScNutMed DipION BA(Hons) mBANT, CNHC NTC FHEA.

4th WHO Forum

WHO is highly interested in joining the Rothenburg Congress 2017 again. The ICD Revision conference in Japan went well. This project will provide world wide acceptance of TCM. Nenad and Stéphane will report about the developments.

Date will soon be published.

6th Meeting for Scientific & Cultural Exchange / Wednesday afternoon May 24th

Since 6 years we welcome a group of Chinese colleagues (40-60) and report them about the state of TCM in Europe. Since two years they present about TCM research in China on a high level. It is really worth to take part.

TCM goes Political / Thursday Afternoon, May 25th

Main Topic “Are we afraid of Standardisation and if yes why”. We will present the ETCMA standards in relation to the WHO Standards and other standardization projects. As we are standing for individual medicine this processes seem to be counter productive. On the other hand social acceptance needs safety and clarity about what and how we are practising. Does both go together?

Experience with standardisations and regulations in Europe:

Portugal parliament has gone a big step in acceptance of TCM now. Let’s know more about how our colleagues managed it. Also Switzerland made great progress. What can we learn for our countries from them? Also Australia made it finally, we possibly get a great speaker from there.

ETCMA welcome reception/ Thursday evening, May 25th

2016 is was an enjoyable and fruitful gathering of all ETCMA members EC members and special guests. Please mark this event in your calendar. There is so much to exchange! 

5th US/Ca/EU meeting about cooperation and exchange, Friday 26th

Why re-event the wheel? We share experiences over the continents by using work groups on specific problems we encounter also on the political level. 

UNESCO World Acupuncture Day and World Congress of Acupuncture at UNESCO building, Paris, November, 21st-24th, 2018

ETCMA is engaged actively in managing this unique event which could be a great chance to inform the world lay press about the status quo of TCM/acupuncture (education, organisation, research). Denis Colin, chair, will be informing in a noon break event about the status and perspectives. 

This program is subject to change.

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