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In Spain, the socialist government is carrying out an unprecedented crusade against Natural Therapies, which means a violation of the European Charter of Patients’ rights and a direct attack to all professionals who practise these therapies.

The Minister of Health, María Luisa Carcedo, and the Minister of Science and Universities, Pedro Duque, have made a further step in their assault against TCM and CAM by presenting end February the #CoNprueba campaign. The goal, undertaken with ads on television, social networks, digital and printed press ridiculing and discrediting natural and energetic therapies, is supposed to give "information truthful and accessible to citizens so that they can take informed and responsible decisions regarding pseudotherapies and pseudosciences".

At the 2nd World TCM & Acupuncture Forum, Washington D.C., Dr. Calduch from Foundation for Natural Therapies (FTN) exposed to the astonished audience the situation in Spain. The presentation "TCM in Spain: strategy of the Foundation of Natural Therapies against the Spanish Government’s attempt to prohibit them" captured the attention of all attendees, who could not believe what they were listening to. The FTN also decided to file a complaint to the state anti-corruption prosecution against the #CoNprueba campaign for false news in the area of health and consumption. It has also requested information from the Ministry of Health regarding the reports that support the "Plan for the protection of health and against pseudotherapies", as well as the justification of its financing, 1 million Euros. On the other hand the anti-corruption prosecutor's office initiated criminal proceedings considering that the facts denounced by FTN could constitute a crime. This office first admitted the legal complain made by the FTN against the APETP (Association to Protect the Patient from Pseudoscientific Therapies) advisers to the Ministers of Health and Science for slanders, insults, coercion, false accusations and crimes against consumers, as well as embezzlement of public funds.

Recently, Dr. Landa García member of the CGCOM Advisory Board (General Council of Medical Associations) publish “Should we accept Traditional Chinese Medicine?” He “denounces” that TCM appears in the ICD-11 chap.26 of the WHO and "alert of the uncontrolled rise of this type of practices with therapeutic intentions, which, in his opinion, can lead to a serious public health problem". On April 28 it will be general elections for parliamentarians and new government in Spain and on May 26 the turn will be for municipal, regional and European elections.

From the FTN, and all the Associations and collaborating members that make it up, we do a great job of information in a way the electorate know the position of each political party in the matter of natural therapies and advising that they do not vote for those who do not commit to regulate them. According to official surveys, 6 millions Spanish voters use natural therapies.

On May 3, 4 and 5 will be held the 1st FTN Congress in Peñiscola, an important protest and claiming Congress, under the title "The scientific evidence and the regulation of natural therapies". The whole studies done by the different Foundation’s Observatories will be presented. The objective is to visualize that CAM do have scientific evidence and that there are so many countries in Europe as well as in the rest of the world where these therapies are regulated as sanitary in the field of health sciences.

Observatory Acupuncture / TCM

Natural Therapies Foundation. SPAIN.

Philippe Dath, Scientific Committee Coordinator philippe.dath@fundaciontn.es

Rosa María Canas, Academic Committee Coordinator rosamaria.canas@fundaciontn.es

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