Swedish Government is investigating the patient safety

In healthcare outside the established healthcare sector.

The Swedish Government is investigating increased patient influence in healthcare outside the established healthcare sector.

Different varieties of healthcare and treatments are common in Sweden and is an important part of health and well-being for lots of people. The Government is now appointing an investigation aimed at strengthening patient safety issues in non-established care and for increasing contacts between established and non-established healthcare.

The investigation will also look into whether the current rules governing the boundaries between the established healthcare and other forms of care and treatment are sufficiently clear and effective.

The investigation will, among other things, review how patients wishing to choose care outside today's established care can easily get relevant information about what care is available, information about what verified effects such care has, and what differences in legal protection when seeking such care.

The investigation will also map research conducted, including internationally, and current research findings on treatment methods outside the established healthcare.

The investigation will propose a policy, in agreement with the WHO Recommendation, for the evaluation and regulation of treatment methods that today do not belong to the established care, but which, after evaluation, could do so.

The investigation should review whether the right to treat certain serious mental illness and disorders for the unauthorised person should be restricted.

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