Switzerland and China

Proposed the creation of a new medical health care profession in Switzerland

In November 2018 a meeting between a chinese delegation of different associations of chinese TCM doctors coordinated by the Chinese embassador, the department of ecomonics (SECO) and several Swiss federal departments of Health care (BAG, SRK, etc) and the TCM Fachverband Schweiz as well as ASA (TCM Association of Swiss medical doctors) took place. The chinese delegation proposed the creation of a new medical health care profession specifically for chinese TCM doctors with a equal status to medical doctors in Switzerland, asking for an exception to the language requirement (B2 in one of the national languages), referring to the free-trade agreement between Switzerland and China. Both ASA as well as TCM Fachverband clearly declined such a proposition. All federal departments of health care also cleary refrained from establishing a further health care profession and making exceptions to national requirements and laws.

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