CHINESE MEDICINE CONFERENCE 17 April 2018 - Athens, Greece

"Integrative Medicine"


Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy are two very important holistic systems of therapy that can be integrated to the conventional medical practices. In the Hellenic medical system attempts of integration has been made in the past. Acupuncture is currently used in the pain clinics of some of the Hellenic hospitals and homeopathy is used in some municipality clinics. In this Conference of Integrative Medicine more than 12 Chinese Medicine doctors will present how Chinese Medicine is implemented with the conventional medicine in the Chinese medical system and Hellenic Medical Doctors specialised in Homeopathy will also present the integration of Homeopathy with conventional Medicine in their clinics.

Chinese Medicine is a practice that can be stand by its own when practiced by well educated practitioners, medical doctors or not. This is the case in countries such as the United States of America, Australia, Britain, Canada, China, Germany and so on. Medical systems in these countries have incorporated Chinese Medicine, practiced by non-medical and medical practitioners of Chinese Medicine. This is the example that we would like Hellenic Republic follows.

The Hellenic Society of Chinese Medicine (HSCM), member of the European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association (ETCMA) and the World Federation of Acupuncture Societies (WFAS) in cooperation with the Hellenic Corporation of Chinese Medicine (HCCM) has invited the heads of both of these organisations to participate in this Conference and assist the Hellenic Republic and the Ministry of Health and Education to be inspired about the Integration of Medicine practically and educationally.
Entrance is 20 euros and you are more than welcome!

More information visit the website http://tcm-congress.gr/

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