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by Marek Kalmus, Director of the TCM Congress Krakow


A pre-congress lecture by Claude Diolosa, the first TCM teacher in Poland who is teaching TCM in Poland since 1986, took place on the October 13th in the afternoon. The Congress was organized on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Traditional Chinese Medicine teaching in Poland; which started in Krakow in the Summer of 1986.

Krakow is closely connected with Chinese medicine in Poland. In 1641 Michał Piotr Boym – a graduate of the Jagiellonian University and Jesuit monk, went for a mission to China. He also studied Chinese medicine on the imperial court of Yongli – the last emperor of the Ming dynasty. Yongli made him a deputy to the pope. He was the first European, who had brought knowledge of Chinese medicine to Europe. He was also the one, who published the first works on this subject.

One of the first ten dissertations on Chinese medicine in Europe had been defended in Krakow in 1830 at the Jagiellonian University. Józef Domaszewski dedicated it to  acupuncture.

The very first TCM teaching in Poland started in 1986 in Krakow. It successfully continues until now in the Institute of Chinese Medicine and Health Prophylaxis. Moreover, Polish Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded here. Finally, Krakow has the largest Chinese Medicine Centre in Poland, which employs 18 specialists offering vide range and complete scope of TCM methods.

Polish Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine was the main organizer of the Congress (Polskie Towarzystwo Tradycyjnej Medycyny Chińskiej,

Congres was organized in cooperation with:

  • Confucius Institute of the Jagiellonian University (
  • Institute of Chinese Medicine and Health Prophylaxis (
  • Chinese Medicine Center in Krakow (

Great support to the organizers was given by ETCMA. Especially Gerd Ohmstede was not only a speaker, but also very important adviser from the very beginning of the congress organization. Jasmin Uddin came especially for post-congress meeting of the owners of Polish TCM schools.  

Honorary Patronages were given by:

  • President of the Jagiellonian University, Prof. Dr. Wojciech Nowak MD
  • Marshall of the Malopolska Voivodship, Jacek Krupa.

It was the first TCM Congress in Poland that had an international range and impact. We had about 200 participants and 21 speakers, mainly from abroad. About 50 participants came from 16 different countries: UE, Israel and guest from Pakistan – Prof. Dr. Abdul Latif Mir, President of Royal Society of Alternative Medicine Pakistan.

The Congress was organized in a historic site -  Hotel Europejski ( on 5 Lubicz Street (close to the Planty Park, just a few minutes walk from the Railway Station and the Regional Bus Station, approx. 10-minute walking distance to the Main Square,).

There were also three lecture halls, exhibitors space, a restaurant, a bar, and an internal  garden restaurant providing calm and peaceful surroundings during the breaks. Hotel Europejski was not only the Congress venue, but also a comfortable accommodation for our speakers, special guests and some participants.

The fourth lecture hall was located in Radziwillowska Street  no.4 (3-5 min walk from the Europejski Hotel) in a historic building of the Krakow Medical Society which also houses the Confucius Institute of the Jagiellonian University. In the historic Raspberry Room which was designed by famous Art Deco artist Stanislaw Wyspiański, one of the three congress seminars "TCM and Evidence-based medicine" (Saturday) and four open public lectures (in Polish) on various aspects of Chinese medicine (on Friday afternoon and Sunday) were held.

Congress was opened on Friday morning with half day Plenary Session compiled of six short lectures.

Main part of the congress was divided into three main symposia topics which took place in four lecture halls:

  • Chinese Medicine in practice – ten half-day lectures (in English, translated into Polish) - the participants had the opportunity to meet world-class specialists in TCM who shared their clinical experience.
  • Chinese medicine as prevention – five half-day lectures (in English, translated into Polish) - different treatments of TCM in health as well as diseases prevention were discussed.
  • TMC and Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) - during eleven 30-minute lectures (only in English) the participants could explore many aspects of scientific research related to Chinese medicine and discuss involved issues.

Medical Qigong workshops were lead by Tania Camacho every day in the morning (7:45 to 8:30) in the Hotel Europejski.

During lunch breaks were 30-45-minute meetings with Jani White – about the treatment of infertility and Yair Maimon – about the cancer treatment with herbal products.

In the Chinese Medicine Center on 1 Warszawska Street (5 min. walk from the Europejski Hotel) in congress days we had also organized free consultations, provided by the specialists working in the Chinese Medicine Center.

Speakers on the congress were: Mazin al-Khafaji (Iraq, UK), Ludmila Bendova (Czech Republic), Jiri Bilek (Czech Republic), Tadeusz Blaszczyk (Poland, Germany), Bartosz Chmielnicki (Poland), Tania Camacho-Regnier (Mexico-Poland), Jie Li (China, Netherlands), Marek Kalmus, (Poland), Magdalena Konior (Poland), Agnieszka Krzeminska (Poland), Yair Maimon (Israel), Wiesław S. Nowak.(Poland), Gerd Ohmstede (Germany), Suzanne Robidoux (Canada, China), Jeremy Ross (UK), Peilin Sun (China, Belgium), Radha Thambirajah (Sri Lanka, UK), Jerzy Vetulani (Poland), Tianjun Wang (China, UK), Weixiang Wang (China, Netherlands), Jani White (Canada, UK).

More about the lecturers:

There was also a dedicated space for the exhibitors, this area was open to the public and also a part of the Congress– it was a great opportunity to find out more about a variety of products (eg. herbs and herbal supplements), books in the field of Chinese medicine and equipment associated with the practice of Chinese medicine (needles, moxa, bubbles etc.).

An unforgettable event  - special banquet in the historic "Wieliczka" Salt Mine (XIII century, featuring on the UNESCO's World Cultural and Natural Heritage List) in the Haluszka Chamber, took place on Saturday evening (15th of September 2016).

It was combined with a guided 40 minutes tour through the most beautiful parts of the mine: amazing chambers, extraordinary chapel cut in crystal salt, underground lake etc. All of the 100 guests who took part in this event stated that it was absolutely amazing evening, which can’t be compared with any other congresses or conferences they had attended.

Congress in Krakow was a great opportunity to meet world-famous TCM experts and TCM enthusiasts from all over the world. Most of them were congratulating us proving that the Congress was a great success. They were also expressing their interest in future Congresses, wishing to meet in Krakow again.

Following those words of support, organizing committee  decided, that next TCM Congress will be organized in Krakow on 13th -15th of October 2017 (pre-congress will also be possible) – in the same place:  Hotel Europejski. 

We are very thankful to all the speakers for giving  great lectures and sharing own experiences and knowledge. We also would like to thank all participants for their enthusiasm. Thank you all for creating fantastic and memorable atmosphere! We hope to see all of you in Krakow again, and please – bring your TCM friends with you.

Please book time in your calendars from at least 13th till 15th of October 2017 (but the more days the better as Krakow is a magic city, and there are several tourist places and historical sites worth visiting). We are already working on an interesting programme with the top and world-famous speakers.

The main subjects of the TCM Congress Krakow 2017 will be:

  • Diagnosis,
  • Digestive track problems (including obesity and overweight).
  • Civilisation sicknesses.

Already confirmed speakers are: Lilian Bridges (USA), Donald B. Halfkenny (USA, Germany), Barbara Kirschbaum (Germany), Julian Scott (UK). 

With kindest regards and looking forward to meeting you in Kraków next year

Marek Kalmus
Director of the TCM Congress, Krakow 2017


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