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The General Assembly and Workshop of the ETCMA

February 2016

The Annual General Assembly of the ETCMA took place in Nice in February 2016. It was a very successful GA. There are currently 25 member associations and over 17 new representatives from the member associations attended for the first time.

The three newest associations introduced themselves and gave updates on the status of Acupuncture and TCM in their countries and information on their associations.

The GA was opened by the President Albert de Vos and Vice President Carla Fuhlrott moderated the meeting. Historically the GA had been run over 1.5 days but this year at the request of members we ran the GA over 1 afternoon.

Many items were discussed and changes were made to the Rules and Regulations and Memorandum and Articles of the ETCMA. The GA voted in Johanna Biemans as the newest EC member with a responsibility in Research. Roger Svenson gave a great update on work that Sweden is doing with the WHO including the ICD survey.

The minutes from this meeting are available but will not be voted on until the next GA in Israel in 2017. If it is felt that Israel is not a safe place to visit then the EC will use Dublin, Ireland as a back up venue. The 2018 GA will take place in Palermo Italy and the 2019 GA in Portugal.

As the GA had only taken one afternoon – it enabled us to have a full workshop day the following day. Jasmine Uddin moderated this day and the title of the day was:

“How can being a member of the ETCMA help improve the Position of TCM in Europe”

The Attendees were divided up into workshop groups and discussed various questions including a Kite Mark (Quality Mark) for Education in the ETCMA, a Common Core Curriculum, evaluating the TCM Political Meetings that take place in Rothenburg each year and how each member association is helping promote the vision for the ETCMA which is,

“The vision of the ETCMA is for TCM to be equally accepted as a healthcare option for the Citizens of Europe”

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