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WAD Conference Program

November 15th 2018 - UNESCO building in Paris

World Acupuncture Day 

World Acupuncture Day this one-day event, organized under the patronage of UNESCO and the WHO and taking place in the House of UNESCO in Paris, France, will bring together practitioners, researchers, politicians, academics, and administrators of all disciplines related to acupuncture and moxibustion to share their knowledge and experience.

World Acupuncture Day will demonstrate to the world that acupuncture and moxibustion are today used globally as an integral part of the world’s health systems. It is organised by WADO (World Acupuncture Day Organisation).

The celebration of the 8th anniversary and the days of scientific and cultural dialogue on acupuncture have received the support of the French and Hellenic National Commissions for UNESCO.


9h30 to 10h30

Denis Colin (WADO): Why the World Acupuncture Day 
Pres. Liu Bao-Yan (WFAS);
UNESCO Embassy of China;
UNESCO Embassy of Greece;
UNESCO Embassy of France;
Wen Zhao-An (Main Patron - China);
Presentation by Sponsors and WADOs Team.


10h45 to 12h00

State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM);
Pres. Liu Bao-Yan (WFAS): Acupuncture and Moxibustion in China;
Konstantina Theodoratou (ICMART): Scientific Research Progress Report;
Gerd Ohmstede (WADO): Morning Session Conclusions.


12h15 to 14h30 

PRESS CONFERENCE (by invitation only)


14h30 to 16h00

Msgr. Follo (UNESCO): Transmitting Acupuncture to the West; The Role of Jesuits;
Marc Martin (FAFORMEC): Development and Specific Issues in France;
Gerd Ohmstede (ETCMA): Development and Specific Issues in Europe;
Yves Giarmon (CFMTC): The Development of Acupuncture Outside of the University Context in France;
David Miller (ASA): Development and Specific Issues in USA;
Francisco Lozano (FILASMA): Development and Specific Issues in South America;
John McDonald (AUSTRALIA): Development and Specific Issues in Australia.


16h30 to 17h15

Tristan Cuniot (University Paris 13): Acupuncture at the University;
Hör Ting (Kunming University): Acupuncture and Human Sciences. Traditional and Modern Acupuncture; A Comparative Research Between East and West;
Nivault Sophie (ASFA): The Development of Obstetric Acupuncture in France;
Phil Rose Neil (BAcC): The Rise of Acupuncture in England;
Gerd Ohmstede (WADO): Afternoon Session Conclusions;


17h30 to 18h00

ASF EliseCare Humanitrad: The Contribution of Acupunctures ONG in Helping Developing Countries;
Merlin Young (Moxafrica): Treating tuberculosis with moxa in the 21st Century. Lessons and potentials.


18h00 to 18h20

Denis Colin (WADO) 


18h45 to 20h30

Special evening event: The Dialogues of Socrates and Confucius


Due to the congress's extensive program, it may suffer last minutes changes 


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