Welcome to Sundhedsfaglige Akupunktoerer (SA) of Denmark

Welcome to Sundhedsfaglige Akupunktoerer (SA) of Denmark

ETCMA Welcomes Sundhedsfaglige Akupunktoerer (SA) of Denmark as our newest member society. 

SA is a non-profit association with the main mission to promote high standards of patient care from an organization of practitioners with hold a dual profession as an allied care health professional (i.e., nurses, midwives, physiotherapists) combined with TCM training.

They also promote continuing education for their members and have a research team who keep up to date with new evidence to share with both practitioners and patients.

For more information, contact Betina Dyring-Andersen, Chairman and Founder of Sundhedsfaglige Akupunktoerer Denmark @

We look forward to collaborating collectively in our joint mission to promote Traditional Acupuncture and Complimentary Medicine in Europe.

Welcome SA!

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