WFAS World Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Conference 2014, Houston

Meeting American TCM institutions in Houston 10/2014

As the experience of exchange with AACMA (largest TCM society) in Australia was so positive it was time to look for what is possible with the American TCM institutions. John Scott, practitioner and herb company director introduced the major institutions. Tom Verhaeghe and Gerd Ohmstede presented about TCM Kongress Rothenburg and ETCMA, answered a lot of questions.  The atmosphere was very friendly and open, all expressed their hope for further exchange, nearly all of them wanted to visit Rothenburg 2015 as they heard of  it. We try to arrange another meeting there.

Aims were to exchange about political experiences, share solutions about political, organizational problems (on local and government level), develop a strategy on China policy and herbs. And include the Australians. Building a Intercontinental network to perform strength and support.

Our partners are:

left: Dr. David Miller,  Council of  State Associations

Marilyn Allen, American Acupuncture Council, editor Acupuncture today (27000 copies per month)

Gerd Ohmstede Christine Chang, KP Herbs, board member APHA (American Herbal Products Association), good networker John Scott, DOM, board member APHA (American Herbal Products Association)

Kory Ward Cook, CEO, NCCAOM, 

Eugene London,  Board NCCAOM

Tom Verheaghe

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