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ETCMA Rothenburg Event 2019

Another great event with record numbers of attendees, which reveals well the importance of this event. Dr. Stéphane Espinosa from the WHO, took us step by step by the all the challenges and obstacles it had to overcome in this project.

We would like to highlight the importance of ICD 11 chapter 26 in the preserving the language of the tradition. Some countries will adopt it for especially for their national statistics, other will not. This is important because their legal framework.

The aim is to provide integrating or combined codes (TCM+WM), not alternative codes. It can be used for clinic research, adverse events report, international databases and many other things.

Now the second part of the implementation is starting. It is necessary a strong promotion of integrating codes. One of the major issues is for epidemiology: you cannot count a patient twice because is under two codes.

Our collegue Yair Maimon is using it, and he feel very positive about it. He highlight that is a powerful tool to integrate CAM and to boost network power. Combines the person with the codes (you can add different codes to the first one gong in a good detail. Even if sometimes the psychic symptoms are reported under physical conditions (for example Anger is reported as Liver Qi Stagnation). There are also codes for tongue and pulses.

ETCMA will continue accompanist every new developed around the ICD-11, we strongly believe in the importance of this project, and we are determined to help in any way we can this WHO project.

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