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Dear Colleagues,kbsfdkjBAf


We had a harmonious and strong General Assembly (GA) in Tel Aviv in March this year and were shown great hospitality by the IATCM (Israeli Association Of TCM). Of course, this year not all representatives from our member associations were able to travel to the GA. There were major changes in the executive committee as 5 members of the EC stood down from the EC and 4 new members to date have been elected.

I had the honour of being elected President and I am pleased to have such a great EC to work with.

Let me share some thoughts about the current situation of the ETCMA:

The ETCMA has a good standing. With 25 associations as members representing about 14000 practitioners we are the largest TCM umbrella society in Europe. We are proud to represent so many, but it is also a big task to explain to our member organisations' EC members and each practitioner that the costs required to fulfil and expand our tasks is a useful investment for all of us.  We feel that the ETCMA currently has good interaction with the presidents and representatives of our member organisations and we will work to improve our communication channels

With in mind we took the opportunity in Tel Aviv to work together on our new Strategic Plan for 2017-2020. We aspire to achieve a mutual ownership of our goals. 

We want to share our insights on organisational, political and research issues as well as on burning issues like the regulation of Chinese herbs and China’s TCM policy in Europe. This will be done via newsletters, the website and meetings at the GA and TCM Kongress Rothenburg. The strength of our members is the strength of ETCMA.

We strive to support our member associations but we also need to find a way to reach the individual practitioner. We wish to support the daily work of the practitioner and explain our policies to make a safer future of our profession.

In spite of differing regulatory frameworks, languages and cultural assets, there is definitely more that unites us than divides us to work on!

Wishing us the very best 

Gerd Ohmstede

President ECTMA

General Assembly 2017

This year's General Assembly (GA) was held in the beautiful city of Tel-Aviv, just prior to the 10th ICCM Congress.
The GA began with the annual report of the executive committee. Each sub committee gave a report on its achievements over the last year. The Annual Report was accepted and the Budget approved for the coming year. This year Albert de Vos, Carla Fuhlrott, Caoimhe McGlinchey, Jiri Bilek and Erick Van der Louw all stepped down from the Executive Committee so new Executive committee members needed to be elected.


The New Executive Committee

President Gerd Ohmstede (Germany); 

Vice President Johanna Biemans (Netherlands); 

Advocacy Maria Jeskanen (Finland) Giulia Boschi (Italy); 

Treasurer Klaas Kromhout (Netherlands); 

Secretary Caoimhe Macglinchey (Ireland);

Education Jasmine Uddin (United Kingdom); 

Research Gil Barzilay (Israel); 

Communications Ricardo Teixeira (Portugal);

EUROCAM Representative Sofie Mollekens (Belgium)


Rothenburg congress of tcm

The biggest congress of Tradicional Chinese Medicine in Europe and the Executive Committee of ETCMA have prepared interesting meetings, discussions and events especially for members of ETCMA, member societies and invited guests. 


May 2017, Wednesday, 24th

10-13h, 14.30-18 h. European School Leader Day. Online learning in acupuncture courses: challenges and opportunities.
Speakers:Charlesworth, Karen (UK), Nodder, Jane (UK); 

Location: Hotel Eisenhut, Room Taubertal.

 More details


May 2017, Thurday, 25th

15h00 – 18h00. 3rd TCM goes political! A must for all ETCMA member's boards: Successes in European countries we can learn from. For Portugal Ricardo Teixeira and for Switzerland Danilo Sofranac. Announcement of UNESCO World Acupuncture Day, 2018, Paris, Dr. Denis Colin (F). Location: Eisenhut, room Winterbach.

 More details



May 2017, Friday, 26 th

9h00 – 18h00. 12 th TCM-Science Scientific Research. Update on the lastest research in East-Asian Medicine. 

Location: Wildbad, Großer Villensaal.


Topic of the month: Depression

A short presentation that contains 5 recent research studies in Chinese Medicine on Depression & Anxiety in relation to WHO Awareness Campaign (click the picture).

The PowerPoint Slide Set is downloadable and the notes within the slides contain short explanations on some of the terminology used. For full details on the studies you may need to download the publications themselves.

For more informations please contact us

By the Research Committee

ARRC Symposium in its 19th year!

ETCMA was present at the 19th ARRC Symposium, which took place in London. Key figures in TCM Research, such as Prof. Hugh MacPherson, Volker Scheid and others presented research in stroke, infertility and back pain. The ETCMA seeks to strengthen ties with the  BAcC and other organizations in order to improve the quantity and quality of research in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Europe.


Johanna Biemans (MSc), (ETCMA Vice President)
Paul Hitchcock (Chief Executive Officer of BAcC)
Gil Barzilay (ETCMA Head of Research Committee)


Myeong Soo Lee (Senior researcher at the Korean Institute of Oriental Medicine)

Gil Barzilay (ETCMA Head Research Committee)

Mark Bovey (MSc), Director ARRC

Kevin Durjun (Head Congres Management)

Prof. Nicola Robinson (Prof. of TCM and Integrated Health at London south Bank University)

Prof. Hugh MacPherson (Prof. of acupuncture research at University of York)

Johanna Biemans (MSc), (ETCMA Vice President)

Dr. MIke Cummings (Medical Director of BMAS( British Medical Acupuncture Society))



Thank you, Albert de Vos

Albert de Vos (1949), BSc LAc, has been in practice as a physiotherapist and acupuncturist for over 37 years. We was Vice President of the Dutch Acupuncture Association (NVA) he was active in improving the position of acupuncturists, defending their interests within the society in general, more specifically within the field of healthcare, he is now a honorary member of the NVA.

Albert has taken a lead role in the European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association (ETCMA) since its foundation (2002), acting as Chief Executive Officer from 2005 till 2014. From February 2014 until February 2017, Albert was acting as President of the ETCMA.


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